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New pope.........same again!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ROAMER, May 5, 2005.

  1. Mehmed and Ahmed are sitting in front of caffe' in Istambul.

    Mehmed: Hey, did you hear that they have elected new pope?
    Ahmed: No, who is it?
    Mehmed: Some German guy.
    Ahmed: Oh crap, not again!!!!!!!
    Mehmed: What's wrong mate?
    Ahmed: They have elected another catholic again! It's never one of ours!

  2. OK, you can tell me when to laugh :cry:
  3. maybe you need to read it backwards?
  4. Istambul... Is that near Comstamtimople?

    I'd be inclined to workshop that joke a bit before you let it out again.

    Start with the router, then try the buzz saw. If that doesn't work, use the mulcher.
  5. Actually happened

    Don't laugh too hard, when the last Pope was elected, an ABC newsreader said that the church had elected its first non-Catholic Pope in over 400 years....
    .......of course he meant the first non-ITALIAN Pope in over 400 years
    which reminds me of the other ABC newsreader who reported that a woman had been bitten on the funnel by a finger-web spider!!!! HOOT!
  6. Hey, I found it funny.
  7. thread is on the up
  8. Re: Actually happened

    but wasn't the last pope polish or something? i'm sure he was elected sometime within the last 400 years.....
  9. Re: Actually happened

    funnel bitin spider is a good one.
  10. Could the joke be referring to the centuries old split between Roman Catholocism and the Orthodox Church? If so, I think I get it... :?
  11. As far as I know the crusade through Turkey was to chase away Mohomed not the greeks.
  12. Wow, what a discussion!!! Ok guys take it easy, I pasted this from the Email that I've received.
    If you really wanna know Mehmed and Ahemd are Muslim, obvious from their names. And Ahmed obviously thinks that anyone can be elected as pope. Even one of "theirs". Locations are not that important anyway.

    Why do they call this light side anyway, people seem to get too heavy here :LOL:
  13. Mehmed and Ahmed could be Coptic Christians

    Sorry, just pointless stirring again
  14. I got it, mate. They're all just a bit dim around here :p
  15. Jokes are always funny when you have to explain them :p :p :p :p

    Cheer 8)
  16. Sunni or Shite muslims?
  17. Now you're just being silly. :p
  18. i thought they were all shite? well, thats what mr bush would like us to think anyways....

  19. Damn it stick to the joke. I don't want to be bashed because of this!! :D

  20. Erm the turks have only been occupying Constantinople for 600 years.
    It had been Greek (and in my eyes will always be) Greek for a thousand years before that in one form or another.