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New Political Party

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. http://www.freeaustralia.org/policy-directives.html?start=7

    Page 8 of 16
    The F.R.E.E AUSTRALIA PARTY supports the need for many legislative changes to encourage increased usage of motorcycles, and to ensure rider safety and enjoyment to do so. Some changes we will be working toward are included below:

    1. - parking allowed on the footpath and/or verges (like Victoria)

    2. - double time limits for all motorcycles in all parks. (Encourage use of bikes over cars)

    3. - allow multiple bikes in one car park space and use a reward system to encourage it to occur, i.e. the car park space becomes free if more than one bike uses it.

    4. - proper consideration of road safety matters for motor cyclists i.e. removal of lethal, aptly named by the biker community, “cheese cutter” wire fencing that is being used along roadways.

    5. – proper safety precautions bearing in mind motorcyclists implemented by road workers doing repairs to cracks or potholes on the road, i.e. mix sand newly laid bitumen with it so it isn't like ice when wet.

    6. - permission for 50cc mopeds to use bicycle lanes and bus lanes. They are just motorised pushbikes to normal traffic and are legally limited to 50kph. It is unsafe to make them "blend" into the mainstream traffic travelling at 60, 70, or 80Kph

    7. - bring back the "up-to 25kph" without a helmet in certain circumstances, i.e. funeral corteges, parades, etc.

    8. – a reduction in costs for the licensing/training fees for motorbikes.

    9. - Lower the registration fees for ALL bikes. Certainly, the third Party Insurance is over the top and used as compulsory revenue raising as it has no bearing on the actual cost payout factor. Like when does a motorcycle accident kill the truck driver? or [very rarely] car driver?

    10. - look at ways to ENCOURAGE motorcycle/moped use. In this day and age of congestion and fuel prices, surely that is "responsible government". Adelaide is ideally suited for this form of commuter transport.

    11. - provide tax relief on certified protective gear to encourage proper equipment, as opposed to the current heavy-handed approach of legislating mandatory use.

    12. – review, or define clearly, the perennial "loud exhaust" issues so police cannot just make arbitrary untested decisions resulting in unnecessary costs for motorcyclists who then have to go through roadworthy testing stations only to be told that there exhausts were legal.

    13. - Make an appeal process available. E.g. If the motorcyclist is wrong (i.e. too loud) then he/she pays, but if the police officer was wrong, the motorcyclists can claim back the costs.

    14. - ease up on certain modification rules for bikes (like mirrors, etc). Who benefits from that safety issue?

    15. - Allow stickers on helmets (currently illegal). SAPOL can stick their logos on theirs.

    16. - allow dirt bikes roadside access in country areas (it is been banned if you do not know)

    17. - provide/allow access for dirt bikes to state forests etc. (maybe seasonal so fire risk is minimised)

    18. - allow defence of motorcycle issues on the grounds of SAFETY. In ALL cases. An example being when a motorcyclist is stuck behind a truck that continually drifts into the dirt? The motorcyclist has to do 120-130Kph to pass only to be fined for it!

    The F.R.E.E AUSTRALIA PARTY will work towards changing the attitude to motorbikes, and their riders, within the legislation, by the non-motorbike riding public, and by the "authorities". The reality is that ALL motorbikes are more "green" than any common car can be. They reduce traffic congestion, ease up parking availability, and use less petrol resources, and are a perfect "single" mode of transport.
  2. Oh yes, they can count me in! I'll vote for them with those aims for sure.
  3. Wow - someone in this world actually thinking??!?!?!?1 Fukme!!!

    Common sense - so fukn rare its a super power...!
  4. when do we vote, who they giving their votes to though? labs or libs?
  5. It's an SA only party at the moment - it grew out of the "Bikie" legislation there.
  6. I wouldn't vote for them in a pink fit. Some of the things they are saying seem reasonable enough, but I would expect a little more professionalism from a political party.

    Check out this FAQ.

    I couldn't have answered the question more obscurely if I tried! And referencing a legal case as "Ref: Lord Atkinson, "The Paisley Snail" circa 1920, English House of Lords." is just laughable.

    But maybe I'm just a snob.
  7. They just got my vote.
  8. ...if I could vote for them that is...
  9. I like their ideas, but their wording comes across as very amateur.

    It will be interesting to keep an eye on them, that's for sure.

  10. I agree the website needs work. But imagine a similar party here, and them sitting several candidates.
    Specifically in the seats occupied by the Roads minister, the minister fo justice, etc.....
    Then doing a preference deal with say the greens?
    It could cost some seats......
  11. especially if they get driver buy in.
  12. Agree. Some of what they want could be made "generic".
  13. Australia and Victoria are in desperate need of more political parties and independent candidates.

    The Libs and the ALP are too large and too easily lobbied and influenced.

    Increasingly our elected representatives seem to be towing the party line at the expense of their electorates.

    Lately party politics have failed democracy dramatically.

    We need more diversity and choice.
  14. 18 pages of talking points does not make policy.

    Nothing about the economy, nothing about trade, nothing about communications, nothing about international policy, nothing about education, nothing about financial reforms, just a lot of pandering to a bunch of minorities.

    That's cool, but they won't get my vote. We need a competitor to the main parties with an actual plan, not a party with a shopping list of wrongs to right.

    edit: I had a look at the list of registered political parties in Australia, and found the LDP's policy on motorcycles.

    Their other policies are also a bit more substantive and well thought out than the FREE Australia Party.

    I did have a chuckle when I read this:

    Damn if I will give any politicians extra pay! I'll stay under the speed limit. Which is 130km/h.
  15. The name "Freedom Rights Environment Educate Australia Party" reminds me of "First Encounter Assault Recon".

    Could be interesting to watch it mature, though.
  16. You know what, the imbalanced and ideological traffic enforcement industry is enough of a single issue hot button for me to vote for this party should they EVER get into my electorate.

    The reality is that they probably wont win since they're a minor party AND all preferences must be distributed which means that my vote will ultimately go to a major party - I really wish it didn't have to be that way... but anyway the point is the major parties pay attention to who gets primary votes and how folks have preferenced them... so make that FIRST VOTE COUNT!
  17. I'm a fan of the preferential voting system. You get to vote first for a minority party, the major parties have to chase the minority party's preferences (ie. you get to influence policy). But you don't have to go with the minority party's preference direction (at least in the lower house). You can still go with the broader platform on your second preference. Best of both worlds.
  18. And similar. What makes them actually different, as things are now? They have different names, and a few minor differences in policy, but they are twins. Which is a shame.

    Hmmm. They do indeed look like a better option. Does depend on what their other policies and such are, of course.
  19. Titus, I NEVER vote in accordance to a party's preference card... except in the senate - I don't have ALL AFTERNOON! lol.

    I'm spewing they closed the loop hole that allowed you to preference the parties you EQUALLY DISLIKED with the same preference number. If you don't know what I'm talking about have a gander at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Langer

    I can never properly make a vote that expresses my wishes since my vote will ultimately go to one of the major parties.
  20. Different voting systems give different results but they all have their weak points and there is no perfect system.

    And at the end of the day it's always politicians who get elected.