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VIC New Police and Vicroads programs for Feb and March 2012

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. This is taken from Bicycles Network Victoria, focussed on cyclists, but motorcyclists are being targetted also:

  2. Come to think of it, I've never seen a campaign for "catching r@pists", "solving murders" or "catching thieves and returning stolen goods"....

    What ever keeps their pay coming in I spose...
  3. Are you involved in BNV Rob?
    It would be interesting to hear what the difference is between them and motorcycle advocacy groups...

    When I read the rest of the article though, my first thought was that the enforcement of road rules relating to motorcycle safety will boil down to a crackdown on filtering. Because the only times we're unsafe is when we're doing something to make ourselves unsafe, right?
    Or am I being too cynical?
  4. Yep, I'm a BNV member and expect to be doing some bike marshaling in March.

    The BNV wiki page spells out how it went from humble beginnings to a reasonably powerful cycling advocacy body. There are some lessons in it for motorcycling but one huge difference is that because bikers have a motor and can use it to get themselves out of trouble, bikers are a much more disparate group. Cyclists on the other hand all have a common enemy, EVERYONE ELSE on the road. That can be a very unifying force if properly harnessed. Anyway...

    It's interesting that Vicroads and VicPol have lumped Motorcyclists in with the other VRU's. If they are enforcing road rules to promote user safety, then infringing MC riders for filtering safely will be a massive statement of hypocrisy (even if it is legally correct) since cyclists are allowed to filter for their safety.

    Anyway, there's more info coming... let's all keep and eye out for it.
  5. So who was consulted from the motorcycling organisations I wonder, given that the focus sems to be as much on motorcycles as it is on bicycles?
  6. We'll have to wait and see but I can't help reading between the lines.
    VicPol putting motos and pushies together suggests motos not being tempted to use/ filter any cycle lane particularly during that period....

    Will be looking with interest...

    May have something also to do with higher cycle fatalities which is 3 so far this year..
    Guy this week was a cycling mate of mine and member of our club so I'm kinda down atm.... :(
  7. Here we go again.....:furious::furious::furious::furious:

    Stuck at the side of the road while the stormtroopers, that have never ridden a bike in their lives, lecture you about riding...and then ping (tax) you because your rear mudguard is 1/2 a cm too short for their liking ( even so its completely OEM ).
  8. More Victorian taxes being wasted. These police would be better utilised solving some real crimes and if there are no other real crimes then their numbers should be reduced.
  9. Sorry to hear you lost friends out there Joe.
  10. VP Traffic Commissioner Kieran Walshe conducted a media event this morning in which he outlined the focus of this fortnight's operation. Amongst comments about everyone being aware of other road users, he made particular reference to police targeting motorcyclists using bicycle lanes.

    Just so you know.
  11. Started new thread of official press release here.
  12. and when cyclists fail to keep to their designated path and use the road?
    I battle daily at the elizabeth st round about where cyclists heading north hog up lanes to get the jump on cars.
    Same incoming at queensberry where they split both lanes outside for continuing thru to Elizabeth st, they split early cause cars may not let them in but are laying it on the line big time!!
  13. A cyclist is only obligated to use the marked bicycle lane if it's safe to do so.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. Like everyone else, alot tend not to in that area. Shitty roundabout full stop I know. and I have seen clowns on scooters using the bike lanes down flemington rd :-s
  15. It pains me to say this, but complaining about cyclists splitting will not do our own cause any good. If it's good enough for us it's probably good enough for them.
    (Unless they crash, that is).
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  16. Cyclists, on the other hand, don't have the power to get the hell out of a bad situation if they're filtering or splitting. But generally speaking I don't see an issue with them filtering, any more than I see one for us.
  17. Do you guys know that VicRoads preference is for cyclists to filter (on the left) and place themselves ahead of the traffic?
    That's why they have those boxes with a bike painted on the road at the front of an intersection at traffic lights.

    Thinking being that it's safer for them to be in front of cages (more like annoying) as they're more visible.
    Of course this means sometimes in inner city traffic, you end up having to pass the same cyclist more that one time.
  18. Soo they would prefer to slow down traffic just so a few cyclists can get a bit safer, makes sense..
  19. They've taken the idea from the cycling countries where it's worked a treat.
  20. It's very irritating to see the largely unused bike lane on Beaconsfield Pde St Kilda every night while splitting between the lanes and putting up with people in utes and black range rovers trying to kill you.