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New piston-engined car Land Speed Record

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. A friend from Wollongong is at Bonneville at the moment with his Hayabusa, and he sent back a report of a new world land speed record.


    These guys now have gone faster than any piston-engined car has ever gone, faster that Sir Donald Campbell did in 1964 in a million-pound gas turbine LSR car!!!

    Check out the video; 200 MILES per hour in second gear, 300 miles per hour in third; insane!
  2. Surprisingly little feel of drama considering the speeds involved.
  3. I was thinking that too; you wouldn't want to change your mind and try to get out, though, would you :LOL:??

    The car is very well-sorted for salt-flat speeds, no doubt there were many 'oooppses' before it got that fast and stable....
  4. Great link, thanks Hornet.

    What truly impresses me is how fast they were able to go with what is a relatively low-tech vehicle (ie fibreglass body rather than CF). I also love the fact that it only needed a 2.6L four cylinder engine, which is a big kick in the soft parts to all those who look down on anything less than a V8. :)
  5. To make 1300 Hp as well...

    That said, I was watching a video yesterday of a 700 HP civic making mince of all sorts of modified cars.
  6. BMW's turbo 4-cylinder Formula One engines in the 80s were making upwards of 1.800 horsepower in qualifying, from 1,500cc!!
  7. If it hasn't got at least four blown Merlins it's not a proper LSR car :twisted:.

    Seriously though, it's interesting that there seems to be a (successful) trend towards small, simple and light in high speed vehicles. A while ago I read the book by the then (possibly still) current motorcycle LSR holder and was intrigued to note that one of the three realistic contenders for the crown was a tiny device called the EZ-Hook Special with, IIRC, a single Kwak engine and just enough chassis and bodywork to work properly.

    As an aside, that book was an interesting study of three different approaches to going very fast. I suspect that the points explored would be equally applicable to cars, at least in the piston engined, wheel driven classes.
  8. I remember Mickey Thompson doing 402 mph one way, and failing to back it up with a return run, in 1964, I think, in THIS four-engined monster ...
  9. Micky Tompson's son, Danny, is presently constructing a device with which he hopes to eclipse that record and finish the job that his late father failed to do. The American approach was "use a bigger hammer" and, building on Tommy Ivo and others who had built 4-engined dragsters, MT decided that Challenger 1 would have 4 blown hemis!
  10. I've told you a million times not to exaggerate. They never got over 1500hp, about 1450hp was the most I think.
  11. Not that much of an exaggeration really when you consider its still 1hp from 1cc when bikes are only pushing 1hp from 5cc and production cars are struggling to break 1 from 10.
  12. The exaggeration comment was just a joke, I thought that was obvious, but in any case the NSR500's I think ended up pumping out just over 200hp (1hp:2.5cc) but the big problem as we know on a bike is getting that power onto the road, it becomes pointless and unusable. Even as far back as 1978 Suzuki built a 4 cyl 750 two stroke which produced 150hp so they can do it if they could use it.
  13. True. When the front comes up and the back wheel's spinning that's it. You can't physically use any more.
  14. This should still be the only Land Speed Record...

    Once you start not driving the wheels its just a low flying plane...
  15. Agree. Although I'll just about allow gas turbines 'cos Donald Campbell was a Brit :D.
  16. Meh, at those speeds, half the trouble is making sure the thing doesn't take off.

    If they gave top fuel dragsters a bit more track rather than less I reckon they might get there,
  17. As long as it drives the wheels you can have a team of hamsters...
  18. plus, remember, Donald Campbell re-wrote the record books right here in Australia :)
  19. He made it rain too...
  20. Almost certainly. What are the top Top Fuellers doing these days? 4.5s or so over the quarter (educated guess). That works out to an average of ~200 mph and, assuming a uniform rate of acceleration (over simplification but the maths becomes easy), a smidge over 400 through the timing lights.

    But I think you'd be pushing it to expect it for a whole mile, then stop, turn, restart and do it again the other way inside an hour :D.