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New pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Riding Eagle, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Thought I would post some pictures of my new pipes.
    They are Vance and Hines 'short staggered'.

    They are called 'short' for a reason!

    Not a lot to see here folks....

    I bought them through my local bike shop. It took ages as there were none in the country. I should have bought them off the net.
    Not sure if they are too loud or not though, but I now puts some ear plugs in when riding. Just how loud is too loud?

  2. Not sure about the Db

    But your pipes look sweet
  3. Hey Riding Eagle. Your pipes look great, reckon they'd sound awesome too. Am I right in guessing you've got a C50 Boulevard? I got one myself a few months ago, and have just started sussing out about improving the pipes (might post a new thread about it).

    I'm wondering about 2 into 1s with Sideburner (Hard Krome). They sound mad in the Youtube clips, but I'm unsure whether they might spoil the classical lines of the bike (she's got the windscreen and saddle bags, etc.). Reckon something like that would be a bit too 'drag bike-ish'?

    I want to improve the sound (love the deep V twin burble), not overly concerned with increasing performance, since I ride like a grandma anyway. I'd welcome any tips or advice. Cheers.
  4. i think thats an xvs650. those pipes are LOUD