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New pipes for a Yamaha FZ6-n

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Cheeba, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Hi guys - can anyone recommend some pipes for an FZ6? The stock pipes are just too quiet - I want something with a bit of a pop and rumble. Cheers :)

  2. No one? :(
  3. Ask the guys at Citywest Yam. They'll know.

    It's not the usual type of bike for a slip-on, usually R6 and the like.

    Hey, you're a westy too.
  4. Have a chat to Ken at Megacycle ((03) 9769 1200) he'll set you up with some very cost effective, awesome sounding mufflers.

    For other ideas look on youtube if you like, there are plenty of fz6s out there with aftermarket exhaust.

    Perhaps the trick IMO with exhausts is the "brand name" is more linked to how they look than how they sound, don't think that the only way something will sound good is with a super expensive BS brand name exhaust.
  5. Ey mate.

    Are you after more power or just sound? If its power your after as well as sound then you will probably need a full exhaust system rather than just a slip on. If its just sound your after the a slip on exhaust should be fine.

    Id reccommend jumping on a few of the USA sites and checking out the different types of exhausts. I reccommend www.morepowerracing.com.au (Its a US Site though).I ordered a slip on for my zx6r from them on friday. You can look through pritty much all the different exhaust available for your particular bike and year. I would then reccommend jumping onto youtube and listening to how different exhausts systems sound on your bike before making a decision. EVen jump onto google images and see how each exhaust looks on your bike. Bike exhausts can really enhance the look of your bike so its important to choose somthing you like the sound AND LOOK of.

    I would probably also google up a yamaha forum and if your luckey their might even be a forum for you particular model of bike. Checking out some pictures of other peoples bikes might help you decide what you like.

    What ever you do though make sure you make a decision for you self and dont get an exhaust based on what other people tell you to get and what everyone else thinks is good. Sure have a look around and talk to people but after that sit down, work though all your options and make a decision based on what you like the sound and look of not what everyone else does. Your the one riding the bike, not them.

    Hope this helps anyway!
  6. might be a question better asked on the fz6 forum, they have an aussie section there.. sometimes they come up for sale!

    keep and eye on ebay as well, particularly the US and UK site as i've seen many more pipes there

    apparently its not going to do a lot for performance without a retune, but will be noisy

    personally i dont mind the sound of the stock pipes :D
  7. youtube man. everyone puts vids of their exhausts up there.

    find what you want then either look OS or get a megacycle. Megacycle are great for standard mufflers, dont know if they have anything that will fit the fz6 though.

    but if you are looking for power you are probably wasting money. put that $700 towards an fz1n upgrade. will give you 50 more HP ;)

    Noise can be goooood though, but from personal experience dont get anything too loud. Being a cop magnet isn't always fun when they start steaking out your house
    and getting you for every possible defect
  8. You can't get a full system for an FZ6, only a slip on.
    I've been thinking about getting a pair of Akro's for mine, but can't justify the price (and I get them at cost cos I work for a Yamaha dealer) just for a bit of extra noise, considering I will probably upgrade my bike every year.
    Having said that, I still want Akro's.
  9. Hi Guys, thanks very much for all your replies and sorry for the slow response.

    Hawklord, I am probably just round the corner from you! Should catch a beer some time when you are free. CityWest don't have pipes for the FZ6 but recommended I contact BGW who have a Yoshi pipe for $899 (which at this point is too much but we'll see!)

    DTwo - I'm not fussed about a brand name at all, I contacted Ken and he can do an exhaust up for $800-950 depending on material used. If after my investigations I need to spend that much I'd prefer to give the money to someone local than buy the yoshi I think. I did sit on youtube for the night and liked the Two Bros pipes but REALLY liked the Leo Vince*

    *Ninja03 - thanks for the advice and website link - they have the Leo Vince pipes for $750 I think it was; very, very tempted by them but am a bit concerned they will be stupidly loud (I read a few reviews where that was mentioned and it's hard to really judge properly via a youtube vid) I'm not worried about more power, it would be a bonus but really I just want a bit of character to the sound of the exhaust. My old bike had a beautiful LaFranconi pipe which sounded awesome. I don't want a jet engine effect as I get on well with my neighbours at the moment ;)

    Smidge - thanks for that, I am now scouring the forums :) I really appreciate the PM too, good man - I will look into that. Much appreciated! I can certainly live with the stock pipes but if the price is right (and the sound/look) then I'll change them.

    Slickncghia - I'm still having shit-myself moments with the 6! I'll wait until I go the 1 ha ha :)

    Caz - I'm hoping to keep this bike for a while so the expense now will be worth it. The video I saw of the Akros sounded too high pitched but it may have been the sound quality of the vid.

    Thanks again all! I'll keep you posted how I go :)
  10. spent literally hours poring over reviews and youtube choosing a slip-on for my SV recently. I hate buyers remorse.

    Anyway, I settled on a Leo Vince. They sound great and all the reviews I've read put the build quality 2nd to none.

    Got it for about 500 bucks delivered from newenough.com
  11. oh and definitely check ebay too. when I was looking at a yoshi TRS i found one for 300 US on ebay when the local dealers were quoting me 800 - 1200!
  12. Odd, I saw an orange FZ6 in the CBD today and it had staintune pipes on it but according to the staintune site, they don't do them ha ha. I left a note on the bike asking for details but the owner might just think I'm some weirdo and ignore it.
  13. OK so it seems staintune only did pipes for the FZ6 when the bike first came out but stopped doing them due to lack of interest. Does anyone have experience with Scorpion?
  14. We've fitted a few on bikes at work, they sounded good, but I liked the sound of the Akra's better.
  15. Awesome, thanks Caz! That's what I need to now - they sounded lovely on youtube and the place in the UK selling them has really good prices. Youtube can be deceptive - the akra vids I have watched sound a bit 'screamy' to my ears.
  16. OK, I now have sitting next to me some brand new Two Brothers exhausts :D

    I cannot believe how cheap they were - $700US including postage and arrived within a week! The customer service was fantastic too, really fast response to my emails AND it comes with a FE kit and indicators! So now I have to sell my other FE kit which I only put on last month ha ha :)
  17. Nice one! I have a Two Bros on the Daytona. It sounds really good.

    TBH it's probly about 15-20% too loud. No one's complained, but at full noise people say they hear me from kilometres away and they wear earplugs for when I am riding behind them :LOL:

    Meh...they're great pipes!
  18. pic's, pic's, pic's..... come on, where are they :p
  19. #19 Cheeba, Feb 7, 2010
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    Sorry for the delay - I've been in WA on holiday.

    Compression is a bit crap, might redo it today but rushed this before heading to the airport and left it loading after I had gone. You'll get the gist though ;)


    Caz, you work in the City? I work bottom of Queen so if you wanted to hear them IRL let me know and I'll swing by one lunchtime :)
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