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New pipes for a CB900

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Cheeba, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    This is a query from my girlfriend, she is looking to change the stock pipes on her 2006 CB900 and so on her behalf I'm asking if any of you have any recommendations from personal experience?

    Cheers :)

  2. I just got a puncture repaired on my CB400 at the local bike shop and asked the service manager about pipes. Told him I was looking into Megacycle and he said they were the same as stock but only louder. He spoke very high of Akra and Micron. Also said to stay away from Yoshimuras.
  3. Staintune!
  4. Ah OK, thanks that;'s interesting to know about the Yoshis as that is how she was leaning from youtube 'researching' - did he give a reason? I'd forgotten about Micron so will get her to check them too. Thanks.

    rc36 - she wasn't keen on the staintunes.
  5. He said basically they are not worth the money and if you want an exhaust with proper characteristcs to spend a few extra bucks and get an akro or micron.

    I believe Micron as a company have just gone belly up bet he said the exhausts are still available.

    keep us posted as to what you get and the CB400 and the 900 are pretty much the same.
  6. They came with the bike which I bought second hand so I'm not sure of their origins but they do list an Australian distributor on the site.
  7. that is the biggest load of shit i have ever heard.

    Let me guess, they sell akra and micron?


    actually i found the megacycle i had one of the better pipes ive owned. id love an akra one day. yoshis are great and well known as some of the best pipes for gixxers

    each pipe is different for different bikes. do some research on a hornet/honda site. On here you will only get 3rd hand bullshit.
  8. Mate I'm only writing what the mechanic himself advised. Surely he knows better then you and me about pipes for bikes as he works on them for a living.

    Had I have spoken to a sales guy who was telling me this stuff I probably wouldn't have believed him but it wax the mechanic.

    Each to their own but this is a cb Honda we are talking about and no they didn't sell the pipes. I never even told them that I would get it from them but rather had a general chat and said I'd source it elsewhere anyway.
  9. not having a go at you... the service guy

    and just providing the OP with some perspective. the problem with forums is its difficult to know how truthefull the information is.

    with most bikes, unless theres design or quality flaws a pipe is pretty much a pipe. get the cheapest one that you like the look of. dyno results are goood but often a bit bs
  10. It's like helmets. Everyone has their own preferences. I mean, why would he stay to avoid Yoshis? They're one of the best brands around.

    Anyway, it's good that you're doing your research. My mum used to say, Buy in haste, repent at leisure." It's pretty true.
  11. Slick: It's all good.

    rc36: No idea. Maybe he doesn't think they're that suited for CB Honda's. Who knows. I'll ask him again next time I'm there.
  12. I've got Madaz pipes on mine and I'm pretty happy with them. I can't say how they compare to the original stock or how much of an improvement they are, as they were on the bike when I bought it, but from what I know, they're a Melbourne based mob. If you're ever out my way and want to hear/test mine let me know.

    I know the above info doesn't help you much but as pointed out by rc36, it's just a personal thing. If I had to start from scratch I'd have a hard time deciding as there's a shedload of choice out there.

    On a side note, I take it the Roadster is gone?
  13. Thanks for the input all - you can only ask for people's experiences and weigh all options before making a decision so it's all good. At the end of the say it's going to be a combo of factors that makes her mind up.

    Jorge, can you PM me your number and/or address? I don't have it from when we came out before - would like Louise to see yours too. Yes mate - the Roadster is gone and she picked up a sweet 2006 Hornet with only a smidgeon over 2000kms on it. She's loving the fact she has a bigger bike than me now that wasn't a hand me down ;)

    She just has to learn how to use hers better than I use mine ha ha :)

    I reckon I'm safe there ;)
  14. Staintune have 50% off at the moment, that might swing things a little in their favour, & also check out Leo Vince pipes, I have a set on the TRX, they're very good. (not a CB, I know, just saying.)
  15. Hi MV - where have you seen them half-price?
  16. Page 55 of the March edition of Cycle Torque.

    Apparently you can get them direct from Staintune, www.staintune.com.au
  17. Unfortunately Madaz don't make pipes any more, just service motorbikes and supplying tyres and accessories.
  18. +1!

    Check out this site, it has excellent 919 (US branding for the cb900) info:


    There are guys on this site that has spent a lot of time and effort modding, riding and even racing the H9.

    They reckon Sato's (should be able to get some on ebay AU or US) are the better fit performance wise for the H9. They also talk about other cans. Some will apparently even worsen the performance, even with a PC and dyno tuning, according so some of the more serious guys over there.
    Do a search, also check out the "stickys" in the naked section, there is a helpful topics thread:


    There are guys that can help you out with a map (PC) for a particular muffler set. All in all, the performance gains from what I can gather (feedback on this site) is not that significant, depending how you look at it, worth the time, effort and $$. Unless you want to do it for aesthetics and sound, fair enough. Personally I like the styling of the Yoshi's (tri's).