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New Pilot Road 2CT

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by paul_b, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Has anyone riden on the new Pilot Road 2CT's? Have pilot road presently and was going to get somthing a little stickier, then heard about these. Apparently the edge 15-20% is a softer compound ala power 2CT. Any thoughts?


  2. I think they are too new to get a decent evaluation. I was told by mechanic that they are $50 more expensive than a pilot power
  3. They sound like an awesome tyre. Bit harder in the middle, bit softer on the sides. They would rock I reckon.
  4. To be perfectly honest I have not seen the Pilot Road 2CT at all and the rep has not said anything about them.
    I have seen the new Pilot Power 2CT and we have them in stock at about 35 bucks each more than a normal pilot power.
    I have not had the opurtunity to test them myself or have any feedback on them at the moment.
  5. Ok the rep has just come in with the new Pilot Road 2 tyres. A front and a rear
    Had a chat with him and he told me that they are the same compound as the pilot road in the middle and 20 % softer on the sides.
    They have a new tread design as well which is much more aggresive.
    Meant to be more effective in teh wet than the previous tyre.
    He also said that they will be taking the place of the pilot road and you will not be able to get the old style anymore.
    price on front is 199.95 and rear (190/50zr17) was 270 ish.

    My impressions is they look pretty good and would suit a person commuting or on a sports tourer who does not mind giving it a bit of a go on a trip.

    They are still harder than a normal Pilot Power though.

  6. so in your opinion not real good for a sports? only ask because i tend to thing the pilot powers are way to soft in the center and the vtr has a tendency to rip it to shreds, with any exersions of the throttle, the road 2ct sounds like a reasonable compormise if the outter edges are a relatively simialr compound to that on the pilot power sports
  7. Metzler m3 Metzler m3 Metzler m3 if u look around i had a set fitted for $460 and the zx9 gets around 8-8500 out of a rear and about 9500 out of the front :grin:
  8. Thanks for the input. I was going to get the M3's as they are suposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, but thought they might square off quickly. Guess I'll just have to keep a lid on all those straight line hard accelerations and they might last!

  9. I don't know whether or not the Road will suit. They may just tear with the torque and horsepower of the Honda. But in saying that I know people who use the Powers and do not have the same problem and they have more horsepower.
    If you are after a tyre that is not quite as soft as a power and do a few miles touring then it would be a good thing I assume.
    The pricing is only a couple of bucks more than the old road (which will not be available anymore) so they could be a good thing.

    Their wet grip is meant to be very good.

    On a side note, my ST2 gets about 9500 km on a rear and up to 13000 on a front pilot powers. I ride fairly hard on it as well.
  10. !?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!

    And that's a v-twin... :shock: :shock: This is pants, there was CANVAS showing through my last rear Pilot Power after 4500km on the Hornet. The front was completely knackered 1000km later. I know I'm a fat bastard and I like a wheelie, but jesus.
  11. I will wait till someone I know has used them before I change from the Powers. Grip is more important than wear to me.
  12. I've a set of M3's on the S and they seem good so far, 4000km and still plenty left on the rear, with only slight squaring (there're a lot of dull roads between Docklands and the Spurs). Handling is good too, very predictable and plenty of grip (haven't 'tested' them in the wet yet though). All in, they suit the bike pretty darn well and certainly seem able to handle the torque. I'll be getting another set when they finally expire.
    By comparison, the bike came fitted with Bridgestone B014's, which were nervous, slippery and dead by 3500, with rubber almost peeling off the centre of the tread. Not a tyre for a torquey bike!
  13. CT2 discussed on the Michelin site >here<
  14. 10,000k front and rear here (Pilot Powers). But I am old and slow :wink:
  15. I seriously wouldn't have expected to get more than about 6000km out of a power. The pilot roads have worn very evenly all over and will have done about 10k when their done. I probably couldn't make good use of the powers as the pegs scrape at the edge of my current tyres.

  16. ...since I'm never really pushing it on the public road... this thread has got me thinking about the pilot roads 2CT.

    I'm sure they would have handled everything that I put my pilot powers through in Tassie recently... which was spirited riding most of the time... so they're sounding like a good compromise tyre.

    I had brand new powers which had about 600km's put on them before tassie. Then ~3200km's were done in tassie... and they performed very well, balled up nicely on the the sides and edges - only gave me one minor scare on a mega slick wet road.

    Since back in Victoria, I've done another 1200km which has seen the rear squaring off a bit.... but then again I've done some hard acceleration in straight lines, so I'm not surprised. :cool:

    So, 5200km and there's still plenty of beef on them... but the centre has flattened a bit. This is where I think the pilot road 2CT might excell... harder wearing middle, softer outside so that you can still scratch... and a few bucks cheaper than the powers... and they come in the preferred sizes for my 9R... :)
  17. getting the road 2ct's fitted on the firestorm next week $299 for a 180 55 17 better get significantly better mileage otherwise its back to the pp, might not get alot of k's out of them but they grip bloody fantastic
  18. Well, got the Road 2ct's on Saturday morning, and so far so good. Its so nice just to get new tyres as the bike just falls into the corners and begs for throttle earlier. Going to Tassie next weekend for 6 days so will post report on how they went after that.
    $199 & $279 from sportbike tyre & susp

  19. Paul, pls let us know how the M PR CT2's handle Tassie... I'm really interested.

  20. Well, 6 days and 2300km down on the Road 2CT's. I measured tread depth before and after. 6mm before and 5mm after in the centre. The side was a bit more trickey (due to the uneven wear on opposing corners of the tread) but prob abou 0.6mm less than new.

    First impressions are very good. I think they are a substantialy better tyre than the old model. The edges don't feather badly like the old tyre did on the front and rear when riden reasonably hard. Excellent in the wet, they really pump the water off well.

    I also think they have more lean angle than the old model.

    On a not so good note, some small cracks or openings began to appear in the bottom corner of the tread in 10 or 12 places??? Don't know what caused this. Guys at Sportbike tyre & susp gladly rang michilin who are happy to replace the tyre no questions asked. :grin: Thanks guys :grin: The cheapest place in Melbourne they were!


    Bit of a bugger I only have a few days to get some km's in on the old tyre before they exchange it. :p