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New phone time

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    Its time for me to be getting a new phone. Now I've been watching the development of Googles Android for quite some time now and quite like the idea of an HTC Magic. Went into my local 3 and Voda shop yesterday and asked for a test drive... Denied.

    Does anyone here have one/used one and can offer their thoughts/experiences? If theres anyone in Sydney who is willing to let me test drive it that would be ideal. I've downloaded the SDK so I have a fairly good idea of the interface, I'm just interested in how the hardware respondes and how quickly.

    Also, the first person who suggests an iPhone is going to get an unpleasant surprise. Us network techies can reach through a standard TCP/IP connection and slap you.... So keep that in mind :p

  2. if the shop you went to wouldn't turn a phone on and let you test it in store then bugger them off and go somewhere that will. We quite often open a box and spark a phone up for customers who are unsure. I am not a fan of HTC phones but haven't tried the newer ones. What are the main features you're after?
  3. Tried three stores, none of them would let me have a drive. Something about not being able to sell it afterwards (which I think is bollocks and unreasonable, but maybe that's me)

    I'm actually after the OS. It looks to be a very usable and cool OS to have on a phone, but like all things software its only as good as the hardware that runs it. If the touch screen is no good then its a deal breaker.
  4. They should at least let you play with it in store - not ot apply settings just to see what the touch screen is like.

    As for networking setup etc your probably going to download the user guide as see what it can do.
  5. I too have experienced the joy of being denied access to a live demo unit of a mobile phone on countless occasions. Similarly with computers - they always have the screensaver password protected in most shops, and there is never any internet.

    All I can suggest is to call around some places and ask, rather than waste your time visiting them in person, only to be declined.
  6. Yeah, true story.

    I think its incredibly rude and unreasonable. I mean, I'm hardly going to buy something if I don't know if it suits my needs yet. Its a wonder they've sold any at all. The three shop I was in said the reason was "because the handset costs so much to buy they don't give us demo units. What really phased me was that none of the salespeople seemed bothered when I said "Right. Bye" and left abruptly. Usually this tactic gets their attention quick smart.

    Clearly they aren't interested in selling me a phone.

    Can anyone suggest an independent somewhere in Sydney that is likely to allow a test drive? Don't seem to be getting anywhere with Voda and 3...
  7. Don't know about the land of bad drivers (Sydney peeps ;) ) but down here we've got Telstra stores that will let you have a go at most phones, they have a lot out on display.

    Doesn't mean you have to buy there tho, its like getting boot sizing here and ordering from overseas cos its cheaper :LOL:
  8. Says he, Mr. Hookturn :p

    I'm not sure if Telstra has this phone, I'm thinking my best bet at this point is to go into a shop that sells multiple flavours of plan (ie telstra, voda, three) in the smae shop. I'm pretty sure a telechoice or Crazy Johns will do this. Ill have to find out though.
  9. I couldnt find any either when i went to chatswood. Voda & 3 are the only ones with that phone. Im going to be getting one for my girl, but waiting on the HTC hero for myself.
  10. I'm so tempted to do that also... do we have any idea when it will be available in Ausfailia? (don't get me wrong, I love this country. But god we get reamed hard when it comes to technology)
  11. I bought a HTC Touch Diamond about 8 months ago.


    Well, theyre ok if you like rebooting your phone 6 times a day. Battery life was comparable to my sex life and every little bit as awkward to use. Screens too small, buttons too small, WOE FULL reception. Not cos of the provider but the radio antennas in them are garbage. Email setup is painful and unreliable and web browsing was pathetic. Dont even get me started on call quality. Dont know what their other phones are like but the Diamond was meant to be the "iPhone Killer" but ultimately, it made me an iPhone convert. Probably much more limited with what you can do with the iPhone but the fact is, the iPhone just works. Simple.

    The ONLY thing this phone did well was tethering. It worked ok most of the time. Every application on the phone consistently froze resulting in a soft reset. That was after the 5 minutes it takes for the program to initially load up. Clunky user interface, painfully slow response times (u could literally wait for 1.5 minutes just to access your contact.)


    I took great pleasure in dropping a brick on my old HTC Diamond last weekend. Dropping the remains of it in the bonfire was equally satisfying.
  12. The HTC dream got a terrible review.
    Basically they said great OS on two year old hardware so it ran like shit.
  13. In response to diamond touch

    Thats because they ARE shit, and use a shit operating system.
    These NEW ones run Android Operating System, which was designed by google.

    I have had nokias which sucked and nokias which were awesome, different models are different

    In response to dream, yeah its the very first one that came out, the hardware wasnt good enough for the software

  15. Buy the iPhone 3GS ;)

    Sure there are a few niggly annoying things with the phone but hey........

    I've owned a lot of phones over the years and the iPhone is the best phone I have owned to date.

    I managed to get it tethered to my Netbook that is running Ubuntu remix and I'm as happy as a pig in shit ;)

    I had a Dopod running WM6 and the thing was the most expensive paperweight ever purchased.

    What a load of shit windows mobile is.

    Slow, clumsy, clunky software that is as equally retarted as their PC OS is.

    Apparently the Palm Pre is the ants pants and is the closest thing to the iPhone killer but that is just Jason's opinion.

    Now when it comes to phones and how good they are, DO NOT listen to Jason. He's got no clue on what a good phone is if it smacked him in the face and fcuked him in the arse. :LOL:
  16. Not a comparison I want to hear, but damn its funny!

    And dammit Vic, don't make me reach through the internet and slap you!!!! :mad: :evil: :twisted: But we agree on one thing. Win mobile is the biggest piece of shit since the Citroen 2cv.
  17. there was over 5.5 million 'deux cheveaux' produced and sold; I'm interested in your definition of failure :LOL:
  18. Who said failure? I just said it was a piece of shit. An ugly, slow, inefficient, French one at that.
  19. The perfectly suited the era in which they were selling, though, and were ideal for equatorial Africa.

    I love the scene where Clouseau pulls the handbrake out of the floor and then lobs it in the swimming pool..

    [anyway, that's a long way from phones, sorry]

    I love my Samsung Omnia, whether you like Windows Mobile or not :LOL:.
  20. I had a BlackBerry Pearl at my old job. I was excited about getting one, and then I set it up and after scrolling through my emails on it, I thought "This is what people think is so great about a BlackBerry?!".

    Then, I bought an iPhone. The web browser and email is so amazing, and the fact that it is a phone with a *usable* MP3 player in it is awesome. I then rid myself of the BlackBerry and iPod touch (which I had to carry around in addition to the BlackBerry, just so I had a decent music player for my commute.)

    I honestly don't think I could ever go to another phone.

    Disclaimer: I work for Apple ;) :LOL: