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New Perth, WA Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Stuieboy, May 12, 2006.

  1. Hey folks.

    Just doing the intro thing. Just got my RE this morning... Or yesterday morning now. Now just waiting 3-5 weeks on my Hyosung GT250R from Dales. Got a couple of friends already who ride and another working on it, but would love to get my hooks into the local scene. One of the things that attracted me to getting my bike license was the comradeship "bikees" seem to have for each other.

    So, any regular meets or anything I should know about?

  2. Good to see another perthy here, and great to see another HYO owner!

    have fun with it!! its a blast to ride.

    Where abouts in perth are u? u go to uni?
  3. G'day and welcome mate. :wink:
  4. Locationally challenged

    I go to Curtin. Live in the Bentley area.

    Definetly looking mucho forward to my bike. :] Going to start hitting 'em up for test rides come wednesday.

    Simon @ Smartrider's talking about starting up a Hyosung club because a lot of his students are riding them. If he does, I'll post on here and let you know.

    And thanks for the welcome Trumpy. :]

  5. hey stuieboy

    i got to curtin too, i sometimes park near the bookshop. theres another hyosung gtr too (black one). Mine is red with decals on the tank. Maybe i'll see u around when u start riding!
  6. Muwhahah!

    Don't know if anyone's going to see this thread... But I get my Hyo this friday.

    Dale Brittons had a few come in early and I was lucky enough to scoop a black one. I could of picked it up today btu my funds aren't clearing till thursday/friday.

    Looking very much forward to it. Took one out for a test run the other day. Was good fun. Thenlast night took my friends ol' 250 CBR for a decent run, got to see some of the potential of a 250. "Dragged" off some guy in a shiny new looking BMW, just to 60km/h. Bike was about a car length ahead. Lovely.

    On the way back to mates house we took tonkin. Jetted upto 100 as I cornered, then as I'm still getting upto speed, he blast past me in the oustide lane on his 600. Show off. :]

    Bikes are fun.
  7. Welcome mate, I started a "Do we have enough Perth netriders for a coffee meet", thread a while ago and got zero response. Lets ask the question again.........
  8. Hey there Stuie

    welcome to the forums and good to see another Perth-ite.
    The Hyo's are pretty good arent they? Good choice i reckon. They appear to fast be becoming the most popular 250 on Perth roads. There are heaps of them.

    Dale and the guys out there are pretty good in my ecperience.

    Inci - i didnt catch your earlier thread. coffee could be a go.
  9. Welcome Stu!
    I used to live in Yokine, but now I'm in Melbourne.
    Nice little bike!
    I decided on a VTR250 for my first bike. Couldn't get my head around the whole Taiwanese bike thing....(It is Taiwan isn't it? :oops: )
    Anywhoo, enjoy your new bike and ride safe.

    Daz. :wink:
  10. Welcome to the forums, well I have said it before and I will say it again the Hyosungs are taking over resistance is useless!!
    Oh it's Korean.
  11. Welcome stuieboy,

    I am a perthite here too, finished my degree at curtin last year.
    There is perthstreetbikes forum as well too if you are looking for more people who ride.

    I would be interested in a coffee meet, but i need to wait a couple of weeks till i get all my gear back cause it was all stolen last week, b*stards, least they didnt get my bike :grin:
  12. I dont want to degrade another forum, but from what i saw the "perth streetbikes forum" was a rossi wannabe racer boy forum. That didnt really appeal to me. Correct me if i'm wrong however.
  13. Yeah your right actually, i dont use that forum too much, more to check where dodgy mechanics are, good deals are etc.
    But the crowd isnt the best. :oops:
  14. Hey Stu! Great to see you signed up on here, can't wait for you to pick up the Hyo and come around showing off :grin: Of course you'll be happy to let me test-drive it right? :p
  15. hey stu great to hear your riding. I'm still waiting to get my licence but would keen for a group ride when i do. I'm going to UWA at the moment and seeing a whole heap of new kawsaki gpx250 cruzin round not to mention the milano scooters. Cant wait to hit the road :cool:
  16. Hoho, I go to UWA too. Getting gt250r soon, once the keys come or something -_-...
  17. Yo - Count me in for a Coffee and or a cruize :)
  18. Re: Muwhahah!

    Well ????? Did ya get it then ????

    Tell us about it !!

  19. Haha. Hey everyone. :]

    I turn around for a couple of days and suddenly the response explodes. o.o

    Thanks to everyone for welcoming me. Feeling much loved.

    I'd definetly be in for a coffee and or cruise, though I'm self restricting myself to sub 100KM/H for awhile to get a bit of road experience at somewhat safer speeds. Only second day on the bike and already had a cager try to change lanes ontop of me...

    And yes. Thanks to some help from my friends, picked up my bike yesterday. Used it on the commute to my part time this morning. Stalled it about 4 times.. *cough* Poor bike.

    Yet to read the user manual but does anyone know what the run in on the Hyo is like...? I'm trying to keep it under 6,500RPM because I saw that mentioned somewhere else. Managed to clock 125KM so far and loving it.

    Payed the extra $650 for the aftermarket screen and muffler at Dales. Well worth it. It sounds very meaty. My mate reckons it sounds better than his 600. I'd probably agree. And god... It just looks so good! Catalogoue photos don't do it justice... though admittedly it helps there's a little voice in the back of my head going 'Mine!'. It even looks good from the pilots seat. LCD is beautiful and bright, no visibility problems at all so far.

    Little worried that the bike could be TOO loud. Don't want to wake the neighbours... Though it's good for announcing my arrival at my mates place. :] Couple of small revs and the Howler puts out a nice grunty 'Vroom vroom'. Very meaty sounding.

    It doesn't feel like a rocketship, but then I'm really not putting it through it's paces. I'm taking everything very gentle while we get to know each other. Still, even nice and gentle I'm leaving most cars behind. Everynow and again I open up the throttle a little more and shift gears a bit quicker and I can feel it's potential. Going to be a lot of fun when I'm ready for it.

    It handles beautifully. The turn on the handlebars is VERY limited. Means you sometimes have to do a few extra foot turns to get it pointed the right way for take off, but I really don't mind. Way I figure, gives the engine a little longer to purr up and my friend a little longer to drool over the bike. ;)

    The bike is nicely balanced. Nice and light, I'd say. Easy to push in and out of turns. Loving taking roundabouts at 30-40 without breaking a sweat.

    I've had a couple of issues with the back end feeling like it's slipping around a little at takeoff, but I think that's just the new tires still running in.

    Oh, for anyone about to get a new bike for the first time BE CAREFUL! Had a fun expereince where, while breaking nice and light, had my rear break lock up. I let it out, squeezed again, locked again. Ended up about a bikes length over the white line at some traffic lights. I've seen it mentioned before so was kind of expecting it, but didn't realise just how slippery they are new. Oh, that was about 500m from the dealership though. They seem to be getting some bite now. :]

    Can't think of anything else right now. Very happy with the bike. It's been dubbed 'Randy' by my new girlfriend which seems appropriate. :]

    And the black is oh-so shiny.

    I'll try to update again in a day or two.

    Oh, and for the coffee thing along with coming myself I might be able to drag one or two others. I know Joker off here in person, and while he can't ride yet I'm sure he'd be happy to ride pillion on my bike if only for a chance to meet fellow riders and look at everyones bikes.

    Oh, and for you uni riders, check with your guild for bike clubs. Curtin has the Curtin Motorcycle Club, which I'll be joining bright and early tomorrow.

  20. For anyone still reading this, love the Hyo. Beautiful bike. And it's big, does not look at all out of place next to a 600 at the traffic lights... Well, until they take off. ;)

    I'm still running it in (Done almost 500 KM) so can't go crazy on it yet, but it pulls away from most cagies happily without any real revs.

    And it does sound ever so nice.

    Came off it after having it for a week. Graze to the knee and $300 in repairs. Got it back now and glad for it. Great weather to be back on a bike.