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new person...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rSiXXa, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. hi all,
    found your website which is pretty cool, looking to go on rides, just wondering do many people like going for short rides mid week after work?

    michael :D
  2. Hi Micheal , welcome to the forum. I cant help u with ur midweek rides , unless u want to ride at 1 am in the morning (i work nights) But just put up a post in the rides/events section and im sure u will get people riding with you .
  3. where you at?
    what you ride?
    what kinda skill level?

    i know a few ppls that are missing having me on the road bugging them to go for rides every night :D
  4. I'ld say he rides an r6, going by his name :)
  5. :oops: derrrrrrrrrrrr..... might try being observant on for size one day huh :?
  6. hi

    hi all, im in ringwood, and yes i ride a 01' r6............. :D

    my skill level ive been riding since i was 16, upgraded from a 250 and had my r6 for about a year....although im still learning to do mono's and stuff........
  7. Hey rSIXXa!!
    I'm free at odd hours and often find it frustrating that I have noone to go for a blast with. Feel free to PM me or give me a call (or anyone else for that matter!! :D ) on 0424 257 853. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky for me as I work 2 jobs and am studying full time, but I can fit a huge amount into my days!! Also, uni finishes in less than 2 months, so I'll have HEAPS more time then!!
  8. *Takes note on the mobs number and his suburb and lets the stalking begin*
  9. Might want to include the suburb where you live in your profile.
  10. Hi and welcome to netrider rSiXXa!!
  11. I'm jealous... he gets to ride an R6
  12. Welcome to the forums rSiXXa. I work afternoons so I get my days free to go for rides :)
  13. Welcome Michael.
    :D :D :D
  14. Gday m8 and welcome to the site. 8)

  15. Hi Mike & welcome to the forums :)
  16. Hi Michael & welcome, with the good weather upon us I'm sure you'll get lots of takers. Are you happy to ride with newbies on 250's cause we're always keen!
  17. Welcome to the forums rsixxa. When hell at work starts to calm down a bit, I'll be going out for a hoon now and then after work. Give my social secretary (flipper) a call :LOL:
  18. Call now on 1300 HQ NETRIDER :LOL:
  19. I thought it was 1300 Flipper? :shock: :p
  20. Thats when you need to call ME for things to do with MY personal life. If you need to call about anyone else that frequents HQ, such as yourself, you call that other number :roll: :D