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New Panigale 959 - Problems getting it started

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DJSean00, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Hi Guys - I've put about 660km on my new 959 and each morning on the first start of the day seem to have issues getting the girl to tick over. I had a Monster 659 before my 959 and it started first go no problems. The temp in my garage never falls below around 22'c It's due for its first service in about a week but I wonder if some tech savy people on here can post some thoughts about what they think it is?


  2. Battery sounds OK. any issues once it starts? Does the "Check Engine" light come on while it is cranking?
  3. Fair enough, part of the emissions system. It is illegal to tamper with Emission control systems in most states but you are unlikely to get anybody knowledgeable enough on the bike to spot the modification. Even so if it works maybe worth dummying up something that looks like the filter in its place.
  4. looks annoying. no electronic rpm adjuster for starting from cold like on the monster?
  5. Thanks mate - no check engine light and it's fine once its started and subsequently every other start while the engine is hot.

    Yes I did read that somewhere it's illegal, while I understand this might fix it I'm still of the firm belief I shouldn't have to modify my emissions system to get my bike to start right... Surely not?

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  6. I know what the problem is.....

    It's a DUCATI!:hungry:
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  7. Boooooooooooooo! :D:D:D:p
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  8. Yes, It would seem stupid, as you have it booked for a service perhaps speak to them first. They are unlikely to do the mod but may speak off the record to you on their experiences. Let us know how you get on. Nic bike by the way, you are a lucky guy. :)
  9. No mate she's all automagic!

    Agreed I might just live with it until then, It wont be hard to put the 340km and book her in for a service and ask the question - I'm glad I took the video, I'll show them when it goes in.
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  10. Now when my Aprilia dont want to fire on a cold morning i'll expect a wise crack from ya(y)
  11. I reckon you need a new Avatar...... I wouldn't fire up if I saw that guy coming at me 1st up or any other time of the day...... " WOT"..

    Just kidding but it sounds like the fuel is draining back from the injectors so takes a couple of seconds to pump back up to pressure... just a guess though.

    My Duc. S2R 1000 can be a little bit like that 1st up if I give it short bursts of the starter but it has a one press starter system (press it and hold it 2 secs then release) and it will continue to wind over on it's own until it fires. Never gives a problem if I use this function as I said just needs 2-3 attempts if I use short manual presses. No problems when warm so maybe it's a caffeine issue.....
  12. Have a crack at turning on key let it cycle up,fuel pump etc don't try to start then turn it of ,wait to shut down,then turn on again wait a few seconds to cycle up then hit starter.
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  13. Will give it a crack!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions I really appreciate it.

  14. One of the lads here in Brissy got an 899 with the same problem, so did a couple of his mates! Electrical issue which I should be able to get fixed on my first service :)
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  15. No problems with my MV so far. Just saying ......
  16. what wont start at all?
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  17. At least no nasty oil spills like Aprilia's.....
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  18. it wasn't oils I tells ya
  19. If you repeat that often enough you might start believing that.
  20. Time to get the MV cleaning rag out
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