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New Paint on my zx2r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GForce, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. hi guys, i have a 2004 zx2r with only 5000kms on it and ive always hated the ugly grey colour. at first i took off the stickers because they were so ugly and hard to look at. been riding around for a while and my friends agreed with me that i need a new paint job.

    the bike is in mint condition and never had an accident and when i went to ask for a new paint job, they thought i was joking because the bike looks new.

    anyways i am getting it done and should be done sometime next week. what colour am i going to get?? well i want to show you guys instead coz the colour i picked will look insane in the sun.

    how do i insert a picture on this post??
  2. Go here put in the path to the file on your computer click "host it" and it'll store it on the 'net with a link you can use (like the one in my signature line at the moment).
  3. Edit: Jd bet me to it :cool:
  4. I would have gone Green, black and white with green wheels
  5. I am interested in how much it is going to cost, have you got any quotes yet. :)
  6. yea i got a few quotes. plain paint job is around 800-1000 and a full custom paint is from 1200-1500 depending on what you want.
    ill post some pics up this wk of what it looked like before and after.
  7. Did they offer to cut cost's if you did the prep work yourself. I am guessing that those qoutes are for a drop off / pick up.
  8. they said it would have been cheaper if i took the panels off myself but i couldnt be stuffed. so i left the bike with them and they are going to take care of it. i thought it wasnt too bad of a price considering other places quotes. they said they will be finished on weds so ill post some pics up then.
  9. ive got the bike back but the camera doesnt work. i will try and get another camera tmw and take some pics.
  10. thats the colour of mine, + a few scratches :p
  11. How much did it end up costing you and is that like kwacka green with a gold pearl?
  12. im sure it might look like your bike cosi but i can tell you that during the day it will not. the colour i used has 3 different colour pearls and it changes during the day. you gotta see it to believe it.

    as for cost.....too much
  13. ... ??? Come on, were all family here.

    Maybe a pic of the bike during the day ?
  14. Where did you get your sticker kit from? Some of my stickers are peeling away from my boots and soon enough the bike will be bare.

    Your bike looks great! Get some pictures in the daytime :wink:
  15. the stickers can be bought at any motorcycle shop but let me warn you that they cost an arm and a leg. i got my stickers clear coated so they wont peal off.

    hey 7-thsin check your PM

    ill take a pic of it during the day but it looks more swt when you see it in person.