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new paint job

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Hearse, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Hey boys ...

    I have an 2005 CBR600RR...only a 1000km's on it, im wondering has anyone on this site changed the paint of their bikes...

    I have the Red/purple/ silver bike, and im looking to painting the whole bike silver.

    The duck tail and bottom cowlings are already silver so all i need done is the nose, tank, side farings and the front fender.

    Anyone have any idea how much it would cost/how much they payed for such a project?

    If someone knows anyone who does the paint in sydney if they could let me know that would be great!

    Thanks boys...ride safe!

  2. It all depends how much you do yourself and what quality you are after...

    If you were to drop a bike off and than pick it up all done you are looking for around the $2K mark but if you do all the prep work (prep washing, destickering, sanding etc.) it could cost you as little as $500
  3. That 'busa looks good mate...

    thanks for the tips boys, sounds the goods. So the local smash repairers might be able to do it for me...? might have to look into that....

    once again thanks boys...see how it all goes eh!
  4. i painted my bike because silver looked like dog poo on my bike. i really hated it but it was a good bike so i bought it and then later got a custom paint job which cost me more than 1200 (including labour for taking the fairings off and putting them back on). i got 3 different coloured pearls and it was metallic.

    if you are after just normal plain silver, then might cost up to around 600-700 for the whole bike. if u want metallic, extra 100-200.
  5. Sounds good man...its that silver on the '05 600rr's dont know if its metallic or not... :oops: but ill take the farings off my self and send them in...save a little bit of money you know...all helps!!!!

    Ill let you boys know what happens...the place i go to and how much i get the bill for...for further notice incase someone else wants to do the same :)

  6. I'd suggest to take a look at this guy's new stuff:


    I plan to give it a go in Summer, so I'd be very interested in others' experience.