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New paint job.. soon!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by grey342, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Hey All,

    I'm getting my little VTR's tank fixed up soon hopefully and I thought I'd get re-painted as well just because why not lol.

    Anywho I'm thinking a nice dark cherry red so it's more purple than pink if anything and also maybe my rim's resprayed to a light gold.

    I've asked a few friends and a few of them have said yes to the idea some no, Just thought I'd ask on here before I go ahead and do anything.

    I'm getting some new ace drop bars (Seen a fellas VTR on here with them fitted.) Also some obvious bar ends and the chrome around the headlamp blackened out.
    Overall It's got the black rims/frame and the handlebars and mirrors will be black, the only silver parts are the forks/engine and exhaust so I'm thinking a Cherry red/gold/black approach.

    and lastly afterwards a nice service and eventual carb rejetting so it isn't all just blinged out!

    Thoughts will be much appreciated, also maybe some other colour schemes other than what I've said, If still nothing fancies me I'll be going ahead and doing what I've mentioned unless other idea's catch my attention. Thanks all!
  2. Have you considered vinyl wrap?
  3. My dad and I where actually talking about it the other week he bought some carbon fibre looking wrap for his rear-sets, I'll mention it again to him though, I've looked up quite a few pictures and it does look good! I'm assuming its a cheaper approach and since it'll be wrapped under the tank/ and the rear panel? back under the seat that it won't be all that difficult either?

    Thanks for that it totally slipped my mind
  4. Just asking out of curiosity. How much will the painting cost? I assume it will be front and rear fender and tank?

  5. Haven't looked up costs yet, I've found a nice red metallic colour Vinyl wrap (Similar to a cherry red) That I like and actually might give that a go. It'll be tank and rear fender, getting a replacement carbon fibre front fender 'just ordered tonight' as the original has quite a few bad cracks which are glued together for now.

    The carbon fibre should work with the tank pad/ fuel cap. (will also have the carbon fibre look.)

    Also am now waiting for my new bars/bar ends too which will replaced my scratched up mirrors and rusted bars.

    I know what I'm doing to it is typical with the VTR's but something about the aesthetics of the bike without the mirrors is just beautiful and bar ends are the next best thing, out of the way really.

    I'll check out how much it'd cost to get the rims painted but I'll leave that until I've completed getting it wrapped first as the black may look better than I think.
  6. I just bought a 2000 model VTR 250 as well, It's completely stock and I plan on doing some major cosmetic mods, and I'm okay with my paint but depending on cost and look, I might do something similar. Black and bright red for me. If you wouldn't mind, keep me updated on cost/images?

    I've already got the bar grips, bar end mirrors, shorty clutch and brake racing levers, and thinking a new "push button to open" keyless fuel lid. Plus a JRE exhaust since I'm on a budget and $220 shipped is an amazing price.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance, but why would anyone want a keyless fuel lid (unless the original fuel lid is broken and has to be replaced)?
    I have in mind those stories about people peeing in helmets left with the bike. Don't want to think of some drunk who figured out that he just has to push a button to open the fuel tank!!
  8. I guess I'm trusting in people, I personally wouldn't urinate in some bodies helmet, I don't see a reason why anyone would.. Disgusting.

    Just to safe time really, easier. I also like the look cosmetically.

  9. I'll keep you informed for sure, however I've changed some things I'll be doing..

    New headlamp (universal streetfighter one) - Ebay $250 or so

    New mirrors (tomahawk styled ones) - $50, cant remember the site haha...

    Kick up the rear by a few mm and replacing the shock, no idea on price yet

    Either cut the pillion part of the seat and fibreglass a custom rear cowl OR fibreglass a rear cowl that just fits over that part of the seat.

    If I can't find a tank then repair it and then probably just Vinyl wrap it.

    Buy a belly pan.

    I've drawn up a profile view of what It should eventually look like too 'roughly' Although it's a bit more angular than it really is aha.

    And just before anyone goes the 'Its not worth it' route, don't even bother

    (pics of my lovely design work-Copied the base profile of a stock standard) bikedesign.
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  10. I'd love to see that, the cowl I see being insanely expensive, but I'm really, really keen. Also the headlight looks great in the image. Loving the shape.

    I changed my preferable colour scheme to matte white, haven't seen a white VTR before. Black frame, white fairing and tank.

    Did the handle bar grips today but can't get the left one fully on or off for the life of me.
  11. What about resale fellas?

    Unless......of course......you intend on keeping these VTRs for good......

    If the former.....hmmm?
    If the later........have at it.

  12. I have no intentions on selling her. I thought long and hard about it and it wouldn't really be worth it.

    Stock pipes cut off (hurt resale)

    44,000kms with over a year of riding to go (I Intend to ride a hell of a lot when the weather picks up!)

    and the damage needs fixing so that'll be a bit of $$$ so in the end it'll be best to keep it.

  13. Hopefully with time you will see it hehe.

    Whites all right, I was thinking a white tank myself but I've gotta go black or silver, Undecided yet though.

    When I changed the bars I got chain lube n sprayed a tiny bit under the grip, gave it a bit of a twist and off she came!

    I'm also ordering my headlamp/mirrors/levers next week. So even with them It'll look quite a lot better than now. :D
  14. @grey342 consider also

    - new coloured foot grips (ebay)
    - handle bar ends (ebay)
  15. Cheers for that, I'll have a look soon. :D