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New paint for the Hornet [pics]

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by N*A*M, May 21, 2007.

  1. pearl white - very shiny in the sun

    the tail is shaved :cool: the stock holes have been filled over and smoothed out



    back to stock exhaust system for the clean look. might polish the swing arm and exhaust covers.
  2. Very Nice!! How much?

    Seriously I like the white. esp with the shaped tail...
    thinking of painting my lil' 250 if the price is right.
    Any recommendations?
  3. if it was just a matter of sand, prep, spray, you should be able to get it done for under $500. i had the plastic welding done to shave the tail and also some work on the fuel tank.

    pm ylwgtr and tell him you liked his work on nam's hornet. :wink:
  4. White bikes are very cool, don't see many around. :cool: :cool:
  5. Looks hot mate. I note the tank's undented and it's all road gear - you're not stunting this one?

    I miss my Hornzet.
  6. Not without blue lights on them anyway..... :eek:hno:
  7. oh mate that looks awesome!

    love the tail too!

    wicked colour choice, another unique Hornet for people to drool over!
  8. Yeh all he needs is a blue leather jacket and a white helmet :shock: :shock:
  9. looks very good mate! Was thinking of respraying my VTR250 that colour
  10. Back looks awesome!
  11. Good work NAM. Very tidy.

  12. looks a bit too sensible for you mate.... Looks very nice and tidy, but might be a bi%$h to keep clean.
  13. very tidy looking hornet you have there N.A.M :wink:
  14. thanks guys.

    so i started on the swing arm. this is gonna take me forever. it's taken about 2hrs just for this little bit. :LOL: well at least i have something to do when i'm bored. and here i was thinking i'd do the whole frame on my trials bike. fork dat chit.

    this is just the initial cut/rub-back. once i clean it up and go over with the polish it will be very nice. im doing small bits at a time and getting a slight ripple effect at the edge of each section. i think i have to do larger overlapping sections.

  15. Save yourself some time and get a dremmel with a polishing wheel. That'll get the job done in no time. :)
  16. looks great mate, nice & shiny.

    that's going to be a hot looking bike
  17. i'm using a stitched sisal mop on a drill, with some josco grey compound

    it's not too bad, just tedious