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New pads fitted, hooligan tools complete...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. ...Rider too shit-scared of cops and dibber-dobber motorists to use them.

    Got some new Ferodos into the Minja this afternoon. Anyone who has ridden it recently will understand what I mean when I say the brakes are now sorted.

    Picked the pads up from Race Replica, and was surprised to see Troy from www.frontupfreestyle.com (N*A*M's stunt crew) manning the spares desk. Awesome stunter, I'll take his advice on pads anytime after watching him stoppie.

    Just took a quick spin to bed 'em in and yep, plenty of lever pressure, plenty of grip and plenty of lift at the back. So the old girl's wheelying and stoppying like a maniac, except I'm too sore from my $140 wheelie on Sunday to get stuck into it... :(
  2. But...controlled stoppies are a safety asset? :)
  3. "But officer I had to lift the rear wheel to avoid running over that cute little kitten that ran under my bike." ;) :LOL:.
  4. That's my honest contention too. If you can't confidently lift the rear, there's a large part of emergency braking you just don't understand. Still, the difference between a stoppie and a wheelie is that with a stoppie you end up stopped, and in a good spot for whoever's behind you to write a plate down :(
  5. Best defence, nope wasnt me,certainly not officer,i was home drunk on the couch,what time was that,How the fcuk do i know i was drunk :p
  6. that might just work in court (being sarcastic) :p :LOL:
  7. Come on Loz,as I recall someone saying,I reiterate "grow some cohunes and clutch up" buddy :grin:
  8. Yep, got to say I wish I could Wheelie and do stoppies like troy and nam too...........
  9. Anyone that fully understands emergency braking will tell you that stoppies are nothing more than look-at-moi showmanship with good brake lever control ... but that does not translate in to the most effective stopping in an emergency situation. Once the rear wheel is off the ground, you've passed the point of maximum braking performance from your bike.
  10. LOVE it, Loz!..never EVER thought of my brakes as "Hooligan Tools"...ahahahaha...a new perspective!...Thanks mate :grin:
  11. Absolutely - but how often are people's first stoppies complete accidents in a case of dire emergency? And how far off the ground can the wheel get before you're really losing stopping speed? And how far up before you're in danger of flipping? It's like deliberately locking up your rear wheel and feeling it sliding so next time it happens it doesn't freak you out.

    Likewise, when you're learning you tend to slide the front a bit as you're figuring out the best body positioning, so it's good practice in not panicking there, and working out the best body position for real hard stopping on your bike without lifting the wheel.

    It's also fun and wanky, too. :) Highly recommended.