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New P-plater

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dale25, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Recently starting riding (a bit late at 37...), and just got my Ps on Sunday on my CBR300RA...Have been having a blast so far, and looking forward to getting out riding a bit further after spending the last couple of weeks practising U-turns etc...

    A quick tip from the instructor on my MOST test that turned out to be quite helpful to me, so might be useful for any other new riders coming up to the test. He said that since you lose more points every time you put your foot down, if you are going to put your foot down just do it once properly, take a brief moment to get your balance / composure back then go again, rather than just half putting your foot down without getting properly rebalanced and wobbling around loosing points anyway. Was useful for me - I lost concentration for a moment on the cone weave and needed to put my foot down, but remembered advice and put it down once firmly, took a brief moment to refocus and finished the test with just one point off.

    Good luck to anyone else on the test soon, and look forward to more discussions on the forum.

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  2. welcome aboard :) congrats on passing
  3. Welcome dale25dale25 and congrats on your P's
  4. Welcome and congrats on passing your MOST!

    It took me two goes to pass mine - was pouring with rain all day on the first test and I decided to pick not falling over on my precious bike over passing the test.
    I learned lots from the rider training, lots of their advice I still take with me.

    Hope to see you 'round!
  5. Welcome :cool:

    Good tip for future test takers.