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New Oxtar Boots !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Seeming as though the wife isnt that excited thought i would show someone who might be interestred.. :grin:

  2. nice...
    what model is that and how much??
    was looking at buying the sidi vertigo boots but that don't look too bad
  3. Paul are they the TCS EVO model?
    I tried on a pair at raceway Suzuki in Niddrie and as you know I had trouble finding boots to fit a few months back, but the TCS fitted brilliantly.
    I'm just not sure they will suit the cruiser look :roll:
    Anyway, for around $500 they sure look cool and will be what I buy next.
  4. Well Caz i dont think they will even get a look in on the cruiser.. :LOL:
    And Bikeplus have a runout on them and i paid $390.. :grin:
  5. I have a pair. They're pretty good, but you can't stop that infernal squeaking... I used up all that silicon junk they sold with the boots in a few months of buying them. Got used to it- sorta.
  6. Anyone have an idea where i might be able to get a pair of these in oz??


    Seems to be the best of both worlds - comfy looking and protective. Also have the reinforced uppers which everyone says wears out on every other pair of shoes they've used when out riding.
  7. I don't think that McLeods bring them in (who do Oxtar in Aus).
    That leaves your options as
    - buy via internet from overseas (sucky option)
    - find a similar product at a local bike store (good option).

    There are a couple of brands doing this kind of shoe. R-Jays Speed boot,
    Joe Rocket something, Alpinestars...
    I've had 2 pairs of Rjays Speed Boots. They're only $129.
  8. why have you had 2 pairs though? do they wear out easily or somethinhg? i was looking at a pair of the rjays myself.

    nice boots BTW paul.. didnt notice them on friday night, but they are awesome..
  9. Nice boots blue12! So nice you gotta wear them over your pants right?

    I got a pair of gaerne grs off ebay and they're great!
  10. Actually on friday when I saw him, he had his draggins on the outside covering them up, but the boots are bright enough to draw attention all the same :LOL:
  11. I've got a black and silver pair of those and they are great boots! Very sturdy and the fit is pretty darn good. Just like Tils, I can't stop the bloody things from squeaking. I got some silicon spray from super cheap but it only seems to lessen the sound a little bit.

    Here is the thread I started about the sqeaking.


    Still, its a small price to pay for a pair of top quality boots.
  12. Because I've worn them at work basically every day for a year per pair.
    Also riding to/from work.
  13. I have a pair of rjays speed boots as well. Very comfortable boot with reasonable ankle support..
  14. Exactly right Caz.. :LOL:
  15. Oxtar's getting a good wrap

    Heya - was talking to a few friends, and they are recommending the Oxtar's out of sight - not just for functionality, but also for the fact you can get of the bike and wear them comfortably as well (unlike some others). What's the general opinion?
  16. Re: Oxtar's getting a good wrap

    The only problem I have found with their top of the range model (not air version) is they have air intake vents down the side and around the ankle which cannot be closed off. This was a big turn off for me as if it starts to rain your feet and boots are going to get very wet. For a racing boot though where this wouldn't be a factor, Oxtar seem to be one of the best.
  17. Re: Oxtar's getting a good wrap

    I wouldnt like to wear then all day as they have a very thin sole. Some people might say they are good, but hey they are designed to ride a motorbike in, not to go shopping in.. :wink: