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New oWner of C50 (now with new pics)

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by zuki250intruder, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I have managed to score myself the deal of the century and pick up a '07 Suzuki Boulevard C50 at an unbelievable price, and with only 5,000km on the clock to boot.

    The bike is Red and Black, and does not have a scratch on it. Only issues was that I had to go 4hrs to look at it, and then ride it 4hrs home. Bummer Hey!!! :p

    Well all that is left to do now is to get out on the road some more. Given that tomorrow is a public holiday, I might have to go for another decent ride and blow the cobwebs out!!!
  2. You know the rules, don't say you weren't warned :LOL:

  3. OK OK I know I know bt have another few posts yet . Lets see....

    I will get some better pics tomorrow after I have given her a loving hand and polish
  4. These were done before I purchased better ones tomorrow


  5. I reckon a big lazy cruiser would be ideally suited to Canberra's style of roads.....
  6. Nice find :)

    Got to love the mid sized Suzuki cruisers :p
  7. And you will be happy with it - very civilised bike.
  8. Thanks guys. It is an awesome bike to ride, and I have never enjoyed the drive (now ride) from Albury to Canberra as much as this time.

    The bike has plenty of grunt, and looks the goods aswell.

    Love the candy apple red and black combination. I must say that I was not all that keen on the floor boards, but they do make the trip a lot more pleasurable and relaxed.
  9. congrats man, nice looking bike!

    i really want to go for a good ride today but the weather in Sydney leaves much to be desired
  10. Here in Sunny Melbourne, we have 28 degrees, and clear skies. Gentle breeze, and a public holiday

    Everywhere you go there is the smell of BBq's, and a million bikes on their way to somewhere.
  11. So where are these pictures?

    Bloody poofs and their big girly bikes. :LOL:
  12. your just jealous cause you ride a bike chosen for you!!! :p

    Pics will be forthcoming just havent had time. May snap some of it while it is parked in the sheep paddock that I work in
  13. Great choice, fit a K&N filter and open the exhaust a bit, and you will notice it is more responsive. And when you get to 12k the engine really does open up more, I have had mine for 7 months and done 13k and it just gets better all the time.
  14. new pics

    finally managed some new pics




  15. Very nice. That is a lot of bike for restrictions!

    I presume you will be bringing it up north, W?
  16. Hell, yeah, just renewed my ACT licence for 2 yrs so that I make sure that I can still ride it on my Ps. Only 4 more months that I have to display the Ps for anyhow, so by that time it wont really matter.