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New ot this site and the east coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Big_Simmo, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. heya peoples, well i have moved from perth to upper north queensland and i bring with me a 07 triumph daytona 675.

    been in cairns now for around a month and still trying to get my feet when it comes to riding scene around the place and meet a few like minded people.

    but yeah enough about me as for the bike

    07 daytona 675 with a lil bit of gold bling and a new exhaust in the mail :D
    here is a piccie


    so yeah

    sup :D
  2. drooooooooool. welcome to netrider mate

    thats a seriously nice ride you've got there, im sure theres a few on here from cairns that will come for a pearl or too.

  3. Welcome aboard.. Great looking bike the 675..
  4. Nice lookin' [​IMG] :cool:

    Any other planned bits of gold bling? eg rear set? :p

    You'll also have much greater opportunity to meet NR's compared to
    if you were still in WA as well.

    Have fun Simmo. [​IMG]

  5. got a CF Jardine exhaust on the way, and yeah im lookin at powder coating the passanger pegs and gettin some gold rear sets for myself, but yeah depending on when i can be bothered and when some more money comes in, took a bit of my dosh to move accross the country :)

    now i need some riding buddies up in this crazy town