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New OS X Lion - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by guggle, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I went ahead and upgraded my Mac mini to OS X Lion yesterday and just wanted to see who else did it?

    If you believe the hype from Apple, it has over 250 new features, but in reality some of them are only useful if you have certain bits of hardware, like a track pad or external time machine device.

    Speaking of time machine, if you use a NAS as yours, don't upgrade to Lion just yet. One of the new 'features' that Apple didn't tell anyone about is that all time machine devices have to support the new Netatalk 2.2 protocol instead of older versions. Have a guess how many NAS devices support this new protocol?? The manufacture of my NAS (Synology) have their new OS in beta at the moment but there's no release date of the full version just yet.

    Cheers, Michael.
  2. My thoughts on 10.7 overall = meh.

    Lots of glitzy new bits, but in reality very little actual improvement. No doubt said glitz will impress a lot of users.

    About the most useful thing I've found so far is air drop.

    The worst has to be what they have done to iCal/address book/mail. Ergh. So much for apple being a company that values well designed software.
  3. What have they done to it? I'm contemplating an upgrade, so I'm interested because I use iCal and address book quite heavily.
  4. Nice on the desktop. Easy upgrade. A few better features. Given the price and that the license permits you to install it on any Mac you own, that's a win.

    The server version has some greatly improved features - vastly improved webmail, mail that supports push, better calendar sharing, etc, etc. Unfortunately the upgrade from SL server to Lion server instructions are essentially "Just run the Lion installer" and it neglects to inform you that this won't work if you have a RAID volume, as it will then happily proceed to bork the entire installation about 2/3 of the way through the install.

    Thank god for backups and easy system restores.
  5. iCal sucked balls anyway. I was kinda hoping they would fix it. I have given up on it and now use gmails calender.
  6. We won't start seeing huge improvement until app developers start including the new base OS features in their apps.

    I think there's a lot of added wank on the surface but some actual useful stuff under the hood once people start implementing it.

    That said - I am LOVING full screen mode apps on my 11" Macbook Air
  7. Server version is a disaster. Fails when attempting to upgrade your services and loses all configuration. It would appear all focus was on the desktop release and this Server version was rushed out too early.
  8. This would have been in any of the developer releases, no? Shouldn't the developer, given that they provide a driver for Mac OSX 10.6 be actively checking new software releases for compatibility with their product? Genuine question, because whenever MS do this, that's the stock response.

    I've installed the upgrade, for $31.99 it's a no brainer. I don't like the new iCal seems too much fluff and the Address Book is the same. There was a good review on Arstechnica about this and they talk about the inconsistency in design. Having said that, I use neither from the desktop and use either the ipad or iPhone for entering events and addresses.

    I'm not sure if it was related, but my Airport Extreme went nuts at the same time as the Lion upgrade, effectively isolating my N and G devices from each other and then reporting that the WPA2 password for N was incorrect (when it wasn't). I can't see how they could be related, unless there was some interaction from the installer that caused it to logon to the Extreme.

    I've changed Dashboard to how it was and also set 'Natural Scroll' off. I'm liking the gestures though.

    Itunes 10.4 is now 64bit as well, fairly sure it was 32bit before. I'm really waiting on IOS5 though.
  9. I upgraded the MacBook and played with fullscreen apps. At first i thought that was pretty cool, a nice integration of Expose and Spaces. Once I got home and plugged in the external monitor I realised that external monitors and fullscreen apps do not play well at all.

    Had to change Dashboard back to the way it was as well.
    Don't like what they did Address Book at all.

    I use iCal, and the changes annoyed me at first, but a after a few settings changed it works the way it did before.

    The backwards scrolling was confusing, but now I've been using it a few days, I prefer it. Especially as I do a mix of desktop and laptop (touchpad) work. Its going to be bad when I start using the work Dell laptop though. Its plain to see that Apple are moving towards touch pads / gestures instead of a mouse now. Then combining iOS and MacOS to make a single unified feel.
  10. I'll start this later (after researching the Time Machine issue with a portable WD drive) but this gem is essential before installation: How to create an OS-X Lion Installation Disc (y)

    If I read it correctly, also copying the .dmg will allow it to be used on different computers without running another download, but I have to check that bit ;)
  11. That’s correct Heli. It isn’t tied into a specific Apple ID as was first suspected.

    As for Lion, except for the SMB and AFP issues, I am quite liking it. Didn’t think I would use “Mission Control” as I never used Spaces previously anyway, but I find myself using it more and more.
    I’ll probably never use Launchpad (iOS view for applications) though I have organised it into some sort of order. I use “Albert” as an application Launcher as I think it is faster anyway.
    Much prefer the new layout of Mail, but for those who don’t, you can change it back to the “Classic Layout” somewhere in the preferences or menus. I very rarely use iCal and Address Book so the changes there won’t bother me.

    I originally turned off “Natural Scrolling” but thought I’d give it a go the last couple of days and I am used to it now. I don’t think it feels anymore natural than the old way, but if you think about it in the sense that you are moving the page - or content - rather than the interface (scroll bars etc.) then it does make sense. My MBP is both my work machine and my personal machine, which means I don’t really have to deal with other computers all that often so hopefully confusion will be kept to a minimum

    All in all, I like it and will be happy when the SMB issue is fixed
  12. I actually don't mind the update. Love the 3 finger double tap to highlight a word and it brings up a dictionary/thesaurus. Nice little feature.

    Like the gestures in Safari to go back/forward. Is there a way to gesture between tabs?

    Mission Control is pretty good. I used expose/spaces a lot and this is pretty similar anyway. Full screen apps are actually not too bad and once in full screen takes them off your desktop.

    I like the new scrolling although took a while to get use to.

    Overall there are some nice new features. Finder is nice with the way you can sort files into types. Calendar is better I think. I don't use mail as I just use gmail anyway.

    Overall for the price I think it is pretty good.

    Looking forward to iOS5 for my iPad though!
  13. Oh dear: not compatible with WD for Time Machine, so that's that binned until fixed. iMac is fine in the office on Time Capsule for backup, but the MB Air needs the little portable 1TB WD and Apple didn't consider the third party again.....

  14. Just use Control + TAB, and Control + Shift + TAB
  15. Great thanks. I assume this has always been there? I was using Chrome until I read about the gestures in Safari, double tap to zoom, swipe left right to go back forward etc...
    Thanks again!
  16. Thanks for the link: I'll check it in the morning, I've used the WD for Time Machine for some time now, maybe it is already set up correctly :)
  17. Ability to now browse DFS Windows volumes a big plus.
  18. Heh… I’ve been using Mac’s since around OS 7 and I never knew that one.
    I always used command+shift+[ or ]
    control+tab is only 2 keys so that works for me. Thanks for the tip :)
  19. Aside from the NAS/time machine issue Im having no problems. More stable even.

    And natural scroll is damn cool.