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New or used bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jisk, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm just on my learners and I'm looking for a bike. I haven't done Q Ride (QLD motorcycle license course) yet... but when going in to talk to some dealerships they said they would package it with the bike, so I'm wondering if its worthwhile to buy the bike before I learn to ride properly... but anyway...

    It has to be a 250 as I am in QLD.

    I'm tossing up whether to buy a bike new or used. New seems attractive but is expensive, and it sounds like I might be able to get a faster bike used. These are what I am considering so far:

    Kawasaki Ninja 250R (looks awesome, is apparently pretty fast for a 250)
    Honda CBR250 (cheapish and new)

    Early 90s Honda CBR250RR (apparently really fast, I've been told get a pre-94 one for speed)
    Honda VTR250 (newer but only 5 gears)
    Yamaha FZR250 (old, fast, cheap)
    90's Kawasaki ZX-2R

    I'm leaning more towards the secondhand CBR250RR or FZR250, mainly around cost and the good performance I've heard about. Buying new, I'd lean towards the Ninja, but it is pretty exxy at around $7500 on road.

    What do you guys reckon? New or used, which bikes are good?
  2. Do you mean CBF?

    Anyway in answer to your Q definitely go second hand (I went new and regretted it to some extent) and definitley get a VTR250 they rock. Best learner bike bar none.
  3. Yeah I meant a CBF250 for new.
  4. You'll crash or drop it.

    Buy used.
  5. If you can spring for 7k spend half of it on a good used bike and the rest on gear, instruction and insurance.

    Don't worry about speed unless you're into p!ssing contests.
    Get a bike that you can learn to ride on around corners not just in straight lines.

    Have another look at the VTR but dont knock the GSF250 or the ZZR/GPX

    EDIT: Not sure about the GSF but the VTR & ZZR/GPX are good for 160/170km/h. That fast enough?
  6. why do you want a really fast bike when you said yourself "before I learn to ride properly"
    the speed limit is 100kmh - why do you need a fast bike to learn on?
    do you want to come off quicker or are you trying to impress others?

    get something cheap and second hand because you WILL drop it at some point.
    hopefully its not really fast when you do.
  7. Heh why do you need a fast bike to ride on? Well if we didn't, there'd be no hayabusa's and we'd all be riding on cbr125's.

    Anyway, I'd recommend a used bike for the first one. ZZR250/GPX250R or VTR250 are normally pretty sensible albeit mundane options. If you want something faster, your only other real option is a 4 cylinder sports bike from the late 80's or 90's (CBR250R/RR, ZXR250, FZR250).

    They tend to be overpriced, can be unreliable and it may be difficult to find parts for the less commonly imported brands. Despite these drawbacks, those bikes are the most fun a learner can have in queensland. :twisted:

    Your call.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys.

    It sounds like used is the way to go.

    About the "fast bike" thing - well clearly I'd do my Q Ride course and get some good road experience before wringing the bike out. I'm not an idiot. And these are still 250's. I'd just rather have a bike that I can keep for longer - say, be satisfied with it for 2 years rather than 1 - and still be happy with its speed. Also, I live on the fringe of suburbia and the country so all the roads around where I live are 80 - 100km country highways and twisties. Main highways get up to 110kms. The bike has to be good enough to have the grunt to accelerate out of corners, get me out of danger, etc. It's more about acceleration when already going 110km/hr than crawling up to a top speed.

    Had a quick search on bikesales for the GSF250 bandit shows only 1 in Queensland so that's probably not an option.

    Reading around the forums and from what you guys have said it sounds like the VTR250 is a pretty popular option. Thing is that it costs about the same as a CBR250RR, albeit the CBR would be 10 years older!

    Any reliability issues with the older CBR vs a VTR?
  9. Where are you jisk?

    I went through the same thought process as you back in May when I did Qride and ended up paying $3500 for a yr2000 ZZR250 with 12,000kms. I couldnt be happier, its comfortable, plenty fast enough and looks the part.

    I dont subscribe to the "you WILL drop it" mentality - but I figure if theres any chance that I'm going to 'upgrade' in the next couple of years its better to have an older bike and have virtually ZERO depreciation for when I sell it!

    Have fun shopping, dont buy the first bike you see and pour over those ads until you see one that looks like its a good deal. Make sure you're ready to drop cash quickly when the right deal comes along as these bikes get sold fast!
  10. Hey DadAgain, I'm in Greenbank, out south from Browns Plains.

    The hardest part is choosing a bike, and its especially painful looking through the used ads and seeing 600s for the same price as 250s. Too bad they're inaccessible for now!
  11. I remember the feeling... restrictions are a prick to get through but I do think that it's good that they're in place. Entrusting someone with 100-150 horses before they've even had the honour of twisting a throttle, let alone cracking it... I've learned bucketloads in the three years i've been riding and there's always things i pick up and learn about. It's a fluid process and if executed with caution and safety in mind, it can be a very fun process with very few tears indeed.
  12. +1

    I just went through this myself, ended up going down the FZR250 path, the only downside so far is that mechanics dont really want to touch older bikes. Esp the FZR because it only came into AUS as a grey import.

    I rang two places to put it in for a service and one knocked me back and the other was very reluctant and quoted $330 plus parts, so im going to do it myself this weekend.

    Something to keep in mind...

    It will be good when a lot of the new Ninjas hit the second hand market, the cost of the CBRs will drop, unfortunately I'll be on a full licence then
  13. ...But not as fast as the older gpx250 or zzr250 that it has replaced. It is heavier and produces less power. but bit more mid range torque.

    CBF250. i'd suggest you use the money towards a second hand vtr instead. Clearly a better bike and better build.

    2fiddy's 2cyc/4cyc are about the same in a straight line. Esp factoring in torque curves etc. Although this is different story in the twistys and track. CBR is a light revvy little demon. In the urban environment, once again little difference.
    I don't know this personally, but i doubt that you will be able to tell between a pre 94's and other. Maintainance and condition of the engine will make a bigger difference to power output than comparing the models.

    Great bike.

    Na. Parts are hard to come by.

    Just as quick as the cbr, but little rarer and hard to find one in good condition. But they can be found. a friend use to ride a nice example.

    Just my two cents on your choices. Others i'm sure would disagree.

    To answer your question. Used.
    You'll save a heap and lets face it your already thinking about higher capacity machines.
  14. Wow this torque stuff sounds great! I must base my next purchase of motorcycle entirely on it! :grin:

    Geez the way people try to sell torque, you'd think it was made by the magical speed fairies... god i hate salesmen :roll:

    btw not a crack at kyo, im just ranting :p

    ...flame on!
  15. 250 naked, heaps of fun and a lot cheaper to fix if you drop it
  16. I am on my L's for 2 days now!!!

    So bugger all experience, however I went for the GS500F, couldn't be happier...

  17. Close, but torque is actually made by pixies, from the tears of thousands of laughing kittens. True fact.
  18. I need to find me some pixies!!!
  19. The new Ninja is slower than the GPX250? No way, I thought it was supposed to be faster.

    The FZR is now off the list if parts are hard to come by and services cost so much.

    I read the ZZR250 was underpowered at
    http://www.250ccbikes.com/kawasaki-zzr250.html. Is that not true?
  20. Just been checking out the prices of some used bikes on bikesales. VTR250s are bloody exxy!