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New or used 250...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by frickendevil, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I've been summing up my options for quite some time now, and after a day of extensive test riding (it's surprising how unwilling dealers are to give you a test ride, even though my license says R) I need another opinion.

    Up here in townsville there is a drastic shortage of used 250cc bikes (we just have the 250cc limit no LAMS), I went to all the largest dealers and all up there were 7. There was a 2003 vr250 for $6000 (not currently available due to the need of parts), 2 RS250's each at about $5500 (wasn't keen on the flogged race bikes), a heavily scratched suzuki bandit for $3000, and several cruisers i didn't pay attention to. The paper didn't reveal anything in the used cars/bikes section. So first up i thought that I'm looking around the $6500 to get a half decent second hand bike on the road.

    Then i went to the kawasaki store (which didnt carry 2nd hand), and i thought id give a brand new gpx250 (07) for a spin, just to see what its like to ride a new bike. The ride was awesome i enjoyed every minute of it, and when i got back to the dealer, i asked how much, and he said $6800, but we will chuck in helmet and probably a jacket too, on top of 12 months rego. I was gobsmacked. Not only was this nearly as cheap as a second hand bike, but i absolutely loved the bike, which i put the first 10kms on.

    Where i need an opinion is:
    Should i wait around and see if something good second hand comes up
    Should i consider down south (bikesales/bikepoint) and hope for a good buy
    What is the resale potential of an 07 GPX250 in a couple of years
    Should i go black, or red?
  2. Just my thoughts.
    Because you're looking and not finding much or even much help don't get sucked into buying the first bike that seems ok. Make sure it is what you want (no one needs a bike) in every way.
    You may be better off heading south but after a couple of trips that will become expensive if you don't go home with anything.
    Think of your 250 as a learning experience and not a keeper so a few scratches are not the end of the world and can always be repaired if everything else is ok.
    What kms are you planning on doing? Will that wear out a "used" engine?
    Although not my style, don't write off a cruiser just yet. They are easy to learn on and very stable and mostly cheap to operate.
    Have you thought about a chooky.
    Resale will depend on condition and supply and demand. Don't worry about that at this stage.
    A good used bike kept for 2 years and maintained properly would be my choice.
    Any standard colour is fine.
    Take your time.
  3. get gpx. it's one of the fastest 250 (i think), best handling (basedon review) however used value should be based on the market around you.

    and new is always better than used ;)

    if your a guy, you should get a black, no question :LOL:
  4. THe only problem with heading south is that it is expensive for one trip, 1600kms to brisbane, so bout $200 per round trip plus accom.

    I don't like cruisers because the only cruiser i have ridden that hasnt given me cramps is a harley sportster. Which is out of budget.
    As far as how many kms, 200kms a week when i'm not working, and close to 600 a week while i am. I'm not keen on a i4 250 mainly because ive heard the engines can wear out quickly, especially if you go for a fair bit of spirited riding.
    I dont like the look of chooks, and i couldn't stand riding something i didn't like looking at.

    I don't find it to be a case of being sucked in for the first bargain, the gpx was comfy, enough guts, good looking, maneuverable, and etc.
  5. If you're looking at doing up to 40,000k in the next 2 years and all things considered, go for the GPX.
  6. Yamaha has brought out a new 230cc road bike. It looks like a CB250 and is RRP of $4495
  7. The Kwaka is a nice bike, black is the go. :cool:

    See if you can find a Honda CBF250 or the yamaha both look ok. Hyosung are nice bikes but don't know of a dealer up your way.
  8. Heaps of people I have heard of have opted for the new GPX-250 path, I dont think you can go wrong. I got a ZZR250 18 months old to save $ and because they look better (same engine tho). You will loose money while you have it, but if you keep it well and sell within warranty period it will not be drastic. To get an idea how much search the bike sales websites for 2005 GPX-250. This should give you a good idea.

  9. The GPX 250's are an absolute bargain at the moment, have you tried ringing a melb/syd dealer to see what sort of deal you can get?
  10. That's 'cause I brought my '98 GPX from up there in January for $3500. Sorry! But i'm lovin' it.

    P.S. If you go new...get the red.
  11. I went to a place called Eurocycles today, they sell hyosungs, but they wouldnt give me a test ride, would only let me sit on the bikes...
  12. +1 GPX250R! I bought '07 early January, have no regret whatsoever..best bargain brand new 250cc bike in the market. Quality bike made from Kawasaki, I'm loving it.

    Black colour of course.. :cool:
  13. How much did you pay for a new one?
  14. If you have the money, you've answered your own question I think. One vote for red.
  15. I went to a place called Eurocycles today, they sell hyosungs, but they wouldnt give me a test ride, would only let me sit on the bikes...[/quote]

    I have a 2006 Hyosung GT250R, black on black frame....they are really easy to ride, great for learning on and pretty cheap with killer looks and comes with 2 yr unlimted km warranty. I got mine for $8000 which included rego, jacket, helmet, gloves, lock, cover and delivery from Close Motorcycles.
  16. For the info you and 2wheelsagain have exchanged, and as port80 said - get the GPX - they have good credentials and given the shortage of 2nd hand bikes up there you can probably expect a good resale value when you want to upgrade.
    Good Luck
  17. Sorry double post