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New or second hand?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Clayt0nB, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Wasn't too sure where to pop this thread but, here we go.

    Just curious, Who bought their second bike new? I know its a terrible idea to buy your first bike new with learning and dropping and upgrading and so on but I am looking at a middle class bike (600) and am wondering if its worth getting one new.

    Depreciation doesn't seem to be as extreme with middle class supersports, compared to lams bikes. (% wise)

    Should I look at new bikes or stick to second hand. I'm planning on keeping whatever I get for quite a while.

    Also wondering what you have done/plan to do.

  2. If you want to spend a shitload of money or be in debt, buy brand new.
  3. I have never bought any 2 or 4 wheeled vehicle new. I cant see myself doing so any time soon either
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  4. i just bought my bike brand new. it was also my second bike, first being a grey import zx2r and now i have a triumph daytona 675r.

    after having so many issues with my first bike (which is to be expected with a first bike i suppose) i wanted to buy new. so far im happy with my purchase because i know exactly what has been done to my bike. theres nothing worse than fixing someone else's "fixes".

    if you are going to buy new then make sure its something you will have until it dies. i dont see the point in buying new and then upgrading to the latest and greatest every 3-5 years. i bought my first new car in 2004 and another new car in 2011. i still have both cars and besides regular services i have never had to outlay any money to keep them going.
  5. I bought my third and fourth bikes new, but my second bike was second hand. I wasn't worried about dropping it or anything like that, I just could only convince the misses that I needed a bigger bike, under a certain budget.

    I love a new bike. There is something special about it being yours only. I don't think I would buy second hand again, but then I have that financial choice. I guess one question, is are you planning on selling it anytime soon? New depreciates a little bit more than second hand.
  6. I'm well and truly in the buy second hand team. Saved a ton of money on my current bike that had only done 650km.
  7. Buy new, someone has to or there won't be any used bikes for the poor people like me...
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  8. I have no missus holding me back :D

    You all provide good points, Second hand can be a lot cheaper especially if you find one with some of the extras you would normally spend money on.

    It is only my second bike, I know I will have more, maybe it's a good idea to just stick to second hand for now.

    Unless I get a cbr650r, then I will have to get that new.
  9. Do research on any particular model that's a second-hand prospect and if it's a bike that has a reputation for reliability/durability you can be lucky. Check out a candidate bike thoroughly and you can end up with a better bike. Just 'cause it's got high mileage (kilometerage?) doesn't mean it's going to explode next week. But it's no guarantee. I brought a 100,000+km turbo car over a year ago and have been lucky so far.:cautious:
  10. It all depends on your budget and what you like.
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  11. Same here. I do a thought check of the vehicle first - take to a reliable mechanic you know even if it costs a few dollars. Never had a problem with cars or bikes doing this.
    With vehicle values drop so quick there is no way I could justify buying new! Let someone else take the first hit of value dropping from a new to used vehicle.
  12. Think it largely depends on your plans for the bike, and perhaps what stage of life you are at.

    If it going to be a 1-3 year bike then perhaps 2nd hand might be a better option.

    If you are planning to keep it long term then depreciation becomes less of an issue and buying new becomes an option to consider.

    Obviously how much money you have available for the purchase also comes into play and your personal view on lending money to buy things like bikes and cars.

    As an example I plan to keep my Shiver until I retire it and buy another bike; at this stage at least 5 years away. I am married and have had the small people so changes in personal circumstances that mean the bike has to go are ( touch wood) unlikely. I had some of the money and was prepared to finance some of the purchase price to get the bike set up exactly as I wanted it - so it was a new bike for me.

    Hope this helps you think about it some more, good luck with which ever way you go.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Your financial position will be one of the major deciding factors in the answer to this question. For some, buying a new bike is either a financial impossibility or irresposible based on their circumstances. For others, it's no financial impost.

    What you want to spend, or can afford to spend, will decide.
  14. I buy new bikes, the depreciation does't bother me in the least, I'd rather a new bike over someone else's sloppy seconds.

    As for cash or finance I don't see any issue with borrowing, you could save $100 a week for 3 years and buy $15,000 bike or you could pay $120 a week for 3 years and have your $15,000 bike today...

    Obviously don't over extend yourself, and as an added bonus if you already have some savings you can keep that on the side for a rainy day.
  15. All valid points from both sides of the fence. Looks like it's up to you bud!
  16. Very true, I guess I'd just have to see my financial situation at the time. If I sell my bike now and buy a bike new, I could pay cash but the depreciation of the new bike in the first year would be almost as much as my first bike... Probably best to stick to second hand, for now.
    Thanks for the input guys.
  17. For cars, I've always bought 2nd hand. But for my current bike and my next, I can't see why I would buy a used one. They depreciate so slowly compared to cars that new just seems worth it. (This is what I can tell from the bikes I've looked at)

    My current Ninja 300 when I bought it May last year and GSXR600 for later this year. New $13k rideaway with 12 Months Rego, used 11k-12.5k + less rego + transfer fees for 2011-2013 model?

    My Ninja 300, $6490 rideaway. Used was $5.7-6k.
  18. Yeah, but comparing a new CBR600RR to something around 2009-2010, is a pretty big difference in price.

    New I think is around 13-14k, whilst 2010 is like 8-9k.
  19. This. If everyone bought second hand, in a few years there wouldn't be any late model or newish bikes in the 2nd hand market. Indeed, eventually there wouldn't be any bikes at all in the 2nd hand market as all the older ones wear out or are binned. ;) Healthy levels of new sales are the lifeblood of a thriving 2nd hand market, something folks often overlook in their rush to show how smart they are by mocking people who buy new.

    Obviously it's a personal decision based on your own needs, wants and finances. Don't be roped into accepting someone else's decision as your own - everyone is different and what is right for them might not be right for you.

    I bought new for my first bike - a big no-no according to all the old hands - but 1,300kms later I haven't regretted it yet. I've got a good income and low expenses, I could afford it, I wanted new safety features like ABS, I like knowing the full history of the bike and knowing its been serviced properly, I have comprehensive insurance incase I drop it, and I accept the inevitable depreciation as a cost of riding.

    Another new rider in different circumstances to me, with less disposable income, might be better off with a 2nd hand, low kms bike. No point in them putting themselves in financial distress just to get new. And best of luck to them. I'm sure there will be a learner somewhere who will appreciate the fact I could afford a new bike when it's time to sell mine.
  20. Then there's people like me who buy a new bike, but only sell it when it's beyond economical repair.
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