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New one on me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by powerd, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    While driving home this evening in traffic in sunny canberra, I heard a bike pass me and looked over. I thought "Funny that, he's riding with only one arm in his jacket" because his left sleeve was hanging loose and flapping in the breeze.

    Then I noticed there wasn't a hand on the left side bar, or even a stump or an arm reaching for it. So i looked to the jacket and his body and couldn't see a left arm pushing out the jacket, or one just reaching out for the tank cap, pushing the odometer button, whatever. There was no arm to be seen, unless it was tightly bound in a sling around his body.

    I followed him until he rode through the roundabout, single handed and took off in the traffic, then lost sight. "Hmm, talented bloke", I thought "though perhaps a little eccentric in his riding habits".

    Now, I may be a little bit old fashioned, indeed my teen daughter consider me "truly ancient", but in my limited knowledge I always considered motorcycling to be a two armed thing. Cars, yes, I have regularly travelled with a bloke with only one arm who conducts his modified vehicle in a perfectly acceptable fashion. But bikes, not in my experience. It seemed to be a Harley or at least some other type of cruiser, so maybe they now have automatic, power steering and autopilot, making them easy to ride with one arm.

    Is this a trend i missed, and need to get on board with? Dr did I just see something rather unusual?

    Advice sought
  2. Re: New on on me

    ....mmmm...If he had an auto-shifter fitted than that negates the need for clutch work, so riding one handed would'nt be a problem..both brakes on right side.
    (I will sometimes ride the twisties one handed for a bit, just to see if my body position is correct.)

    What has got me guessing is what happens when he has to stop at traffic lights etc, with respect to pulling in the clutch...(would be difficult to find neutral EVERY time you are slowing down to stop...
    Oh well...if he IS one armed and riding, then bloody good on him, for not letting it prevent him from doing what he likes. :)
  3. Re: New on on me

    Perfectly possible to modify a bike for one-armed use. Google NABD for more details. I'd have expected an amputee to have a tidier jacket solution though.
  4. Re: New on on me

    There is a bloke riding around Melb with only one arm, Bike is modified for him.
    I have seen it close up and spoke to him, Marvellous peice of work.
  5. Re: New on on me

    It would be possible on a honda DN-01
  6. Re: New on on me

    Darlings no doubting Kempster is a talented rider
  7. Re: New on on me

    Adds another horror to losing a limb I guess :D.
  8. Re: New on on me

    Alan Zimmer from the Melbourne 4B's is well known motorcycling monodexter. In the late 80's there was a God's Squad member who could punt his Harley one-armed at a fair pace. I think his name was Rolly.
  9. Re: New on on me

    I used to work with a one armed guy who rode a motorcycle. He had it modified to engage the clutch with a pneaumatic cyclinder. Just pressed a button on the throttle side.
  10. Wow. Well you learn things every day. I (and the guys at work who ride) thought you wouldn't be able to ride without one arm. I take my hat off to anyone who can do so.
    It never ceases to amaze me how some people can rise above the tribulations of life.

  11. Re: New on on me

    Chairman, you back full time or has someone hacked into your account.

    Say somfink funny! Prove it.

    Sorry to go OT

  12. Re: New on on me

    Dunno of anyone who rides a bike without one arm (wouldn't that be no arms?)

    The good thing is that they never ask dumb questions like "Which glove first?"

    Happy now Cam?
  13. Re: New on on me

    there's a picture in one of my old BIKE (UK) magazines of a guy who races an R1 at track days, he only has one arm :shock:

    I'm hopeless with two!!!
  14. And how do you scratch your privates on a ride?
  15. 8-[ go over a bump 8-[
  16. Wouldn't a retro-fitted semi automatic gearbox be possible?

    Having said that, I've heard of them on Goldwings, and of course, on Quads, but is it ever seen on a normal bike?
  17. There was a one armed Berg 650 rider who raced into the mid 50s at EC. Big effort on a thumper. Also there's a guy racing a Triumph with only one leg and circulating in the mid 40s at EC. Both were amputees from biking accidents - heaps and heaps of courage and they're great blokes too!
  18. I tried that today,
    Rode from the Woods point turn off to Reefton and almost to Warburton, riding only with right arm as I needed to twist the throttle,
    The only time I needed the clutch was to start and stop the bike,
    Mainly second and third gears all the way. occasionally 3rd and 4th gears on the straights,
    Quite surprised how easy it was, Nice cruisy ride, Just using roll on, roll off, through the corners, occasionally using the brakes, not very often tho,
    Dont try this unless you are a very experienced rider, good chance you will come unstuck,
  19. A fellow in Sydney does it. Has a modified KTM 2 stroke motard of some description, he has no left arm, and the clutch is on the right with the brake.
    I'm told he has a vtr1000, cant remember if it is a sp1/2 or a firestorm, on which he embarrasses two-armed people on track days.

    I Rode with him briefly in traffic in the cbd - he is just as confident as I, and from what I can tell, probably as quick if not quicker.

    Inspiring man.