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New Older Rider - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jatznotsavoy, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hi There, I am new to riding, having just passed my L's recently, at the age of 40. Was surprised to see that at least half the class at my L's were also of the older bent, all with their reasons for wanting to join the ranks of the enlightened. Some were going on trips to Bali, and wanted to at least know how to ride before taking on that storm, others had been paddock bashing in their youth (like me), and had always lacked the time/money/willpower to go and get that bike for the road.

    A month ago I got my first, a bright yellow dinky Hyosung GT250. Have been out and about in the traffic of Melbourne on the odd occasion, and am really looking forward to the longer rides out in the country.

    Are there any other late starters out there, interested in taking on the Sunday learner rides?
  2. Average age of people getting their Ls in Victoria is 34 or so I've been told - so you're not alone!!

    Welcome, and make sure you get yourself down to the Saturday learner skills sessions if you can.
  3. Welcome, niot sure if ou are allowed to call 40 old, makes me look decidedly ancient. Enjoy your new found freedom, I sure am.
  4. Welcome mate, I will be 40 soon to, the great thing is there are all age groups that are part of this forum. Like someone said get down to the Saturday morning practice well worth it.
  5. Same here... Not 40 yet but will be there soon! Did a lot of riding overseas and then moved to Australia and did not ride for 12-13 years (Would ride whenever I went back) and then last year - finally bit the bullet, did my L's and got a bike.

    ONLY Regret - should have done it sooner. :)

    So 40 is the new 20. Enjoy the ride and come on down to the Saturday Practise at St Kilda.
  6. Thanks for the welcome...maybe I should have used my stage age of 28 rather than 40, been 28 for years...will try and get down to St Kilda soon!
  7. Then you're a year older than me. I've been 27 for a long time now. :)
  8. Welcome to NR!

    I'm also 30 yrs for a long long time.
  9. Welcome to NR.

    Pfft, you're still a young 'un. I started when I was 45, a year and a half ago (ish).

    Get your butt on that dinky yellow Hyo down to Saturday practice pronto!
  10. Hello and welcome, I'm another older learner from Melbourne.
    Saturday learners practice is a good thing. The sunday learner friendly rides are also a good thing. I went on my first last Sunday with five other riders and it was excellent.
    Keep an eye on the Sunday learner friendly ride thread to see if one is happening this weekend.
  11. welcome to NR, got MY 'L's at 48, you young whipper snapper lol
  12. Yes, interesting that at my L's and later full license test most of the group was made up of the elder persuasion. To which I also contributed.

    Welcome, enjoy. How's the Hyo going for you?
  13. same for me i have only been riding (very little as well ) since may this year,
    luckily in SA you can skip the L plates pretty quick - i was on them for about 6
    weeks and decided i hated the look on my bike . )
  14. o forgot
    welcome bloke !
  15. Welcome jatznotsavoy !

    I agree with previous comments that 40 is NOT old.

    I also highly recommend Saturday practice at St Kilda. Maybe see ya there!
  16. Welcome, I am an old guy (58), not new to this game but old nevertheless. In my view someone who is 'old' is 15 years older (or more) than you are. Riding bikes for a long time keeps you young anyway. I still can't get enough riding.
  17. Yep, welcome aboard. I'm 40 (plus gst) and got my Ls in April, you are definitely not alone. :)

    I still need to make it down to a Saturday session, but they come pretty highly recommended if you can get there. I will make it one weekend soon, I swear, even though I'm no longer on the Ls. You can't get too much practice I figure. :)
  18. Just don't do what LazyLibran did...........

    Waiting for an intervention thread until he went for his restricted license (P's)....

    He sure put the Lazy in Libran :rofl:

    Welcome to NR (y)
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  19. It's great to see such an active thread and community.

    The Hyosung is going well, everything I expected from a cheap interim learner. At this stage it is the best bike I have ever ridden (compared to a total of 1 other bike in recent memory - the learner mule at Armstrongs). Nothing has fallen off, engine has not missed a beat. Starts first time every time, no choke. It is a highly visible canary yellow, a mobile hi-vis vest.

    Freaked out early on when I found a hose hanging down loose, stinking of fuel (I've only got two cylinders, maybe this has fallen out of the back-up third cylinder?) till forums like this and korider sorted me out (fuel overflow drain line).

    I am still in the phase where all I think about is opportunities to jump on and ride. Dived in to Victoria/Punt/Hoddle St the other day to test out reactions with some of Melbournes 'best' drivers (the ones with the psychic power to suggest an indicator has been turned on), and came out full of confidence. Do Yarra Blvd in my lunch hour as it is close by, but drove (car) up through Marysville last weekend, and pictured myself leaning in on those turns...

    Looking forward to it!
  20. Hi and welcome to NR.

    All these 40 year olds. Bloody hell, the place is crawling with old farts. :LOL: