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New older fella

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cbrjoe, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I like to keep things short and to the point (most of the time)

    So gooday all :)

  2. Ok hi!
  3. Hi Joe!
  4. just to be different - big hi
  5. Hi Joe, Welcome! :)
  6. Hiya Joe, welcome to the forums :grin:
  7. Welcome.

    Short and to the point. Now there is something different on the forums. Usually people babble on and on, not knowing when to shut up. I myself know when to shut up, because there is nothing worse than someone going on and on and on and on and.........

  8. :cool: Hi Joe , ride safe mate and enjoy. :grin:
  9. G'day Joe, nice bike :grin:
  10. Hi Joe, welcome from one 'oldie' to another (apparently)...
  11. Seeing as how this is the oldies "gday" posting it seems!!!


    Flipper love the profile, but what is a yopung thing like you doing on the "oldies" page??? :grin:
  12. Hey Joe, what $$$ did they offer you for the 955???
  13. Hey. We ain't all oldies. :twisted:
  14. Ok Rolla, I apologise, I just noticed your age too...
    So what are you and Flippa doing on the oldies page? ;-)

    just kidding
  15. Hey i'm not old i'm only 43, being old is a state of mind (and good arthritis pills lol), i'll be old when i swap from sports touring bike to a cruiser.
  16. You are only as old as the person you feel........ which makes me the same age as Flipper. :grin: :bolt:
  17. Damn how do I get to be that young? lol..
  18. bugger, that means i was only 29 in Feb, now i'm back to being 43 again, oh well didnt have room for her the 3 kids on the VFR anyway.
  19. Howdy doodie!

    Welcome to Netrider, may your stay be highly amusing!