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New (old) rider from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HammerPaul, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Not exactly new to riding, having ridden bikes since the age of 16 up until about the age of 30. Then kids came along, and I've been bike-less since:nopity:. Now I'm looking to get back on board.

    I haven't ridden since about '97. Back then I used to ride for pleasure only, but nowadays it'll be more a 50/50 split between commuting (about 30km each way) & pleasure. So I'm looking for a bike that'll do a bit of both.

    My last bike was an FZR600, which I loved. I'm inclined to go for another sports bike, but I'm not sure the aging body could take a bum-up, head down riding position anymore. My 'dream' bikes were always the GSX-R 750 & the Blade, but I never got to ride either. My more reckless side is suggesting I get a Blade, R1, GSX-R 1000, my more sensible side is suggesting I go for something more sedate like an SV650S.

    I understand that I need to get out there and test drive bikes to see what suits me, but I was hoping to narrow down the options before doing that.

    Cheers, Paul.
    P.S. I'm well aware this could be my mid-life crisis, I'm just going with it.
  2. Hello HammerPaul. Welcome back to the fold.

    I would suggest throw your leg over lots and see what you like. Aim for something comfortable. Even the middle of the road stuff now goes pretty good, and you can always pull out the big guns in a year if you feel like it.
  3. HammerPaul as one born again biker to another .. welcome .. and if you don't mind a suggestion .. do a refresher .. well worth the brass.

    Plenty of good rides out there, and so spoilt for choice, time to grab that old helmet off the rack and go test rid'n
  4. Nobby,

    Thanks for the reply. Can I ask, what bike did you go for when you came back ?

    Cheers, Paul.

  5. Hey Paul,

    Welcome back. I've got a similar story and got back to riding at the end of last year.

    As Nobby said though, the refresher course is definitely worth it.

  6. Gday, same here, 30 yrs later and I get the itch.
    Consider going on the Sat learner sessions with Doug & Dave, excellent advice and a good chance to meet a few Netriders.
  7. Will do, are they the guys from HART ?

    Cheers, Paul.
  8. paul dont discount the sports im 49 and ride a gaytona 675
  9. Greg,

    I'm certainly not discounting the sports bikes, as long as it doesn't have too uncompromising a riding position, I might be interested...

    Cheers, Paul.
  10. That was pre Lams and had to go ZZR250, but I remember how rusty I was when I wrote it off on the Reefton within the first month. Not suggesting you go the 250 just don't go straight to the R1.. :)
  11. Hi Mate, happy to hear the great news. I am also a returning rider in the same boat as you, currently rideless. I went through the motions of looking at differnt bikes and after weeks of sitting on bikes, talking to the mrs and mates, I have now decided on a 696 Monster if I can swing it. If not the cheaper option is a '09 GSX-R 600.

    Also being out of the saddle for so long I no longer have a Helmet so I can't test ride untill I buy one.

    Anyway, good luck with the bike hunting and if you get really confused about which bike just buy a sports bike. Can't really go too far wrong.
  12. Hi Paul and welcome to NR.

    Take your present age and multiply it by 2. If that is the age you plan to die at then it's a mid life thing. If you plan living longer it's a rational decision based on the positive benefits of motocycling.
  13. Back riding after 30yrs, I got KLR 650 love the riding position easy to handle
  14. Back riding after 14 years (though did ride a few times in that gap) and bought a Yamaha XVS650 last month. LOVING it.

    Only regret - Should have got a bike sooner!

    Welcome back to Bikesville and welcome to NR.
  15. Hi Paul. Welcome to another senior rider.

    You'd certainly find that any of the mid-range nakeds would outperform (and out-scare) you last 600, and without the compromises of a sports-bike riding position.....
  16. I'm also getting on a bit and ride a kawasaki er6. Its quick enough with the draconian speed enforcement down here. Would think about a street triple or a Z750 as a next bike.
    Your probably old enough for Ulysses and the Melb branch ride most sundays, often from Lilydale.

    PS The HART courses are a good way to get back into it.

    edit. there's a gsr750 coming out later in the year. less sporty than the gsxr750
  17. Hi Paul,

    I'm also coming back to riding after a fair break, enjoy your mid-life crisis !!
  18. Welcome back to the darkside .. VFR 800 no sore back or wrists