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New (old) Hornet for me, I love it.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Envy-t, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Picked up my new second hand 1996 Hornet 250 on Monday, I love it. It out handles the Bandit I was riding 20 to 1.
    Previous owner has put twin cans on it and had it tuned and it goes like stink, well as far as a 250 can go anyways.

    Michy rubber, Goodridge braided front brakes and the cans make for a very nice little 250.


  2. that should be a nice upgrade for the time being :wink: bamm bamm had one and he used to hustle that thing along nicely
  3. Congrats mate !!!!!!

    Twin Cans eh ... I'm jealous :p
  4. Awesome !!!

    I've always wanted one of those as a daily commuter.

    They're pretty rare arent they ?
  5. exhaust looks great! i like these little bikes would own one for sure
  6. Welcome to the Hornet's Nest :).
  7. Nice!
    They have a 180 rear tyre don't they?
  8. Yep 180 rear. Feels so much more stable than my bandit did.

    There aren't too many around in the 250 from what I can see. It's also bigger ,but lighter than other 250's of the same ilk. I know it's 12 0dd kg's lighter than my old bandit and you can really feel the difference.
  9. Damn ! the secret is out.
    Now everyone is gonna want one :LOL:
  10. nice buy, awesome bikes, definitely what I would get if I had to ride a 250.