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New (old) boy from Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by t_mike, May 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Wollongong boy here, finding myself on L plates about the time of life I should be joining Ullyses. Well, not quite. Rode bush bashers when I was young, and I promise not to turn into one of those wobbly out of controllers, taking corners in steps, on a new softail (no offence intended to any). Got a couple of small CBXs that I'm trying to coerce back onto the road. Seem to be attracted to Ducatis and Hondas. Oh yeah, and I also have the misfortune of having to negotiate Macquarie Pass every day to and from work, must've done 10 000 times by now. Looking forward to interaction in your community here, and maybe even meet a few people along the way.

  2. Gday Mike, welcome mate, few people down your way on these boards
  3. Morning, Mike, welcome to Netrider.

    What time do you commute the Pass? I do it around 7:30am and 3:30 - 5:00pm every Monday and Tuesday? (You're still in a car, I guess, and in winter, me too :LOL:).
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    Hornet, my shifts are all over the place, but I'm usually going up at around 5.00 am/pm, and coming down at 6.45 am/pm. Just look out for a yellow Audi TT Roadster, usually paying little regard for the speed limit. :?
  5. Welcome to NR Mike !
  6. woah, school has much more civilised hours :LOL:......
  7. Really! Maybe I should have gone. :(
  8. Welcome Mike! I think I may have seen your little Audi once or twice on the Pass.
    Anyhoo, welcome again to Netrider :)
  9. Welcome Mike.

    Maybe catch you at TRPS sometime soon......

    Cheers :)
  10. hey Mike, I think you were following me up New Lakes Entrance Road this arvo late, I was in a maroon TR Magna???
  11. you where driving? :shock: :facepalm: :-k [-X
  12. ah, you don't get me that easy

    I was on the way back from Jax after getting some new tyres :LOL:.
  13. Hi Mike, welcome to NR :)
  14. Bit slow on the replies here, had to go away on short notice for a few days.

    Thanks for the welcome all.

    doyle, always up for a pie and a cuppa. I work weekends a lot, so anyone planning to be in that area please let me know, I'd be more than happy to meet some from on here.

    hornet, yes that was me, I even remember seeing your car. Heading west at about 5.00pm, yes? I hope I wasn't being too much of a rat:- I was on my way to work and my brain is in "get there as quick as I can" mode.
  15. no problems, mate, I'm always going to get my 16 year old banger out of the way of a TT!!!!!
  16. Hey, Mike, when you say "small CBX's", do you mean little two fiddies or the REAL small CBX's, the 550???

    I had 3 x 550's at various times, and I love the model.

  17. rc36,

    Yep, have an '85 250. Also have a real SMALL CBX, an '86 125 Custom. Got the 125 for a song with only 12 000km on it. Finally starting to get it sorted, just have to take the buckle out of the front wheel and it's ready for rego.