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New Old bloke

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vxexec350, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hey, G'day. My name is Pete. I just found you guys so I joined up and thought I'd make myself known. I'm Pete, I just made a half century (who'd have though THAT possible?) I have an XJR1300 and a little Kwaka and my wife has just got a 250cc Scooter. I also have a 6l VZ SS ute that has more ponies than my Western Star. I just cant get enough acceleration LOL I also play and build guitars...when I find time.
    I am in Adelaide but have lived in most states I have 4 grown up kids and 4 grandkids.
    I love Bikes, Australia, my family, V8s, travel, music and life in any order you like as I cant prioritise.
    good to meet you guys

  2. Hello Peter (from another Peter), looks like a bike in the lounge room in your avatar, nice work :)
  3. your good people, welcome bloke.
  4. Welcome Pete. Enjoy the ride.
  5. Welcome to NR Pete from another older bloke.
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys...and Merry Christmas. Yes Peter, my avatar is my bike in the house...I'd rather look at that than the TV.
  7. lol hi pete , i am adelaide as well
    great intro
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  8. Geez, Pete.... "old" depends on where you are standing.....

    from my point of view, you are in the first flush of middle age.

    Welcome anyway.
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  9. Great to see another "mature" rider. Also a guitar player ( I don't build them though).
    Cheers and welcome to NR
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  10. Thanks all. Hey drjay, I go to Griffith quite a bit, I drive for Booth Transport towing Tankers of bulk wine
  11. G'day Pete and welcome. What sort of guitars do you build? Are they scratch built or kits?
  12. both man. My strat was the first, not a kit but genuine Fender parts, I built a custom Strat that costed less than 10% of what a custom shop guitar would have. My Tele was from scratch but I got a mate to paint it as that's what he does for a job. I am now building an exact replica of a 1950s Fender Champ amp, but I am adding reverb. Then I will try my hand at an accoustic. I have also built a P Bass from a kit and restored an Jazz Bass from a basket case, it had no pick ups a broken truss rod tuners seized from rust and chunks of the body busted off...it's mint now.
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  13. can you drop some wine off here ?
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  14. I have a squier and now I'm pretty jealous. Welcome to NR peter.
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  15. Gotta love a Tele. My favorite guitar at the moment is a Yamaha tele - has a cut away in the body like a Strat for comfort and a 3 way switch and controls positioned like Strat but with the tones of a Tele. I'm lusting after a Tele Deluxe with rosewood fretboard but a lot of dosh.
  16. I do get asked that occasionally. LOL
  17. Tele outside small. TeleBack small. TeleHeadstock small.
    Thats the beauty of building them, My tele has a rosewood fretboard and custom wiring that gives me a lot more tonal variety than a stock one. I can go from the typical twangy tone to a fat warm tone that a Les Paul can only dream of. Here are some shots of the tele, They do no justice though as the paint is outstanding in the wood.
  18. Cool. Am one of the sawbones at the base hospital. Like your guitars. Once owned a jap strat. Now have a couple of offbeat ones - a. steinberger synapse and a Parker nightfly mojo( which is so amazingly light).
  19. Welcome to Netrider, Pete :). Looks like you're a man of varied interests..