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New, old bikes.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by typhoon, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. O.K, so I have an itch that needs scratching. Who knows of who makes or imports to Australia, copies of older bikes like the early BMW's? I think some Russian company is making something like this yes? Or is it the Chinese? Anyway, I think I want one, and my house sold for waaaay more than I expected! :LOL: If I sai it was in a barn cheap, the fiancee will believe that! :cool:
    I know the Enfields are around, but I like that old BMW look...

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. :LOL:
    No THIS one's not a bloody BMW, but if you squint, that one is!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Those Urals did make me laugh... there's something very utilitarian about them. But would they be the 'Lada' of motorbikes?
  4. I don`t think you can get the Urals in Australia anymore . I was thinking of getting one myself a while back but could not find any . I know you could buy them new in the late 80s to early 90s :(
    I wanted one with the sidecar to use to go to rallies and to go to work and back but haven`t even seen many for sale second hand .
    You probably just better of buying a restored early BMW R60 or somthing similar

  5. No, you can't get Urals in Australia - some people tried, but getting them ADR'd proved to be too difficult. Also, these days they only really make models with sidecar permanently attached, and actually it seemed this was the source of most problems with certification. If they start making regular bikes they should be easier to import; we might see some then.

    (That Ural Australia site quoted above dates from the 90s!)

    PS. Yes, there is a Chinese bike like that as well, called Ching-Yang or some such. No - you can't buy them in Australia either.
  6. Mate there is a place (ive been told) that sells dynper-12 and dynper-16 sells em somewhere around parra

    for info for the bike known as cossacks around OZ

    i knew someone who wanted to grey import these i just laughted at him
    althou i reckon the baby boomers would love em

    as far as i know Urals are Russian made and dnypers are a very simmilar Ukranian (EX soviet state) made, the ukrainian ones are still manufactured now catering for the niche market in England and USA not sure about the urals
  7. i was talking to a strange czech man at a motorcycle rally about two years ago because he was proudly siting astride a Ural outfit. apparently he just went to russia and bought it brand new from the factory, after which he brought it home to australia; i assume, therefore, it can be done. BUT he didnt tell me how he got it complianced. add that hassle to the cost of freight and the frustration of dealing with a foreign language and it hardly seems worth it.

    alternatively, if you want a newly-manufactured old bike, there are the Enfields ... the Norvin company in england makes brand new Norton twins, from the sexy featherbed Dominators to the useless el-crapo commando ... theres also a company (whose name escapes me) that makes brand new Vincent engines and put them in brand new featherbeds. Cameron Racing Engines will make you a shiny new Brough Superior.

    the fact remains if you have the mulah to back it up, you can buy anything.
    personally, if i had the capital id just buy the original, but thats obviously not for everyone