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New "old" biker

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 1717wayne, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. hello just now returning to riding after some 30 years off the bike/s. Just bought an almost new Kawasaki Versys 650, and looking to getting the L's to start riding. I live on the mid north coast NSW and would love to catch up with other suitably age/experienced riders to enjoy day/s out. Looking forward to updating both my riding and bike knowledge as tile progresses.
    cheers Wayne

  2. Welcome, need more "old farts" around here.
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  3. Welcome Wayne.

    Plenty of good people on here and every opinion you do or don't want !

    Enjoy the bike.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Welcome Wayne.

    Are you a sufficiently old Old Fart to be retired?

    If so, you'd be qualified to hang out at Pie in the Sky most weekdays.

    We're the mob sitting up on the high side.
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    thanks Jeremy, lookign forward very much to get back on two powered wheels as i've spent the last 17 years cycling (still love it though) but very keen to get the P's back and take off.

    goodaye Crazycam yes I'm past the retiring age, but JUST still working
    I'm on the mid north coast, maybe catch up some day.
  6. Gidday Wayne I am a little south of you in Port Stephens. I quit working some time ago. Best move I ever did. Don't know how I found the time to go to work. Still don't get the chance to do the riding I would like but enjoy every bit that I do get. I'm sure there are riders in your area that would ride with you. Check out Ulysses, sure to be some in the area
  7. Hi Wayne...I'm further South again in Newcastle. Just joined this site to get some help and info on what bike to buy. I haven't had a bike in 25 years and decided to get my L's earlier this year...now I need a bike.

    The Versys is on the short list...planning a test ride soon.
  8. Welcome, Wayne you're probably still a pup compared to most of us on here.
    Netrider avg age is 120.
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    Good morn Ryan, welcome back to riding lke me after a VERY long hiatus. Been on the Versys for about 3 weeks now and love it, bit hairy the first day or so, but much more confident now. Good luck with the process of buying the bike it can be a bit of a nightmare but stay positive. Might catch up with each other one on the road. Wayne

    thanks Womble I feel much better now that I am the PUP!!. but what you say is pretty true most of the Bikers I see around town and on the road appear to be of the 'mature" kind.
  10. Old, I'll admit to, but "mature"..... never!
  11. Hi Wayne...I tested the Versys today...nice ride and I've kind of got to decision time...what height are you? I felt a touch cramped but that could be just getting used to being on a bike again...

    Not sure if I should buy new or second hand...
    second hand = cheaper, a few accessories, the odd scuff mark, no known history
    brand new = 2 years warranty, shiny, no extras, no history
  12. good morning Ryan, I'm 5'9"' in the old term, the bike feesl just right I can get both feet on the ground, not just tippy toe'd!! I bought mine of Bike sales from a guy in Aberglasslyn who had just progressed from P's to full licence, and it had only done 8000 k's!!! almost brand new. buying 2nd hand you really have to check them out as piccies don't always show the REAL bike. good luck with the process mate, I almost gave up on several occasions. Wayne
  13. I'm an old fart returning after 25 years and just bought a second hand K100rt. Very easy bike to ride. My son bought himself a CFMotto 650NK last year. Chinese manufacture. LAMS approved. It too is a nice bike to ride... different tho. Good price too. He chose the CFMotto because its a slightly bigger frame which he is more comfortable on being a big fella. http://www.650nk.com.au/
  14. Thanks captain.
    That Beemer looks great, maybe further down the line lol

    Went for the new option in the end as I got a pretty good deal.

    What additions have you purchased Wayne?
  15. Hey congrats on NEW purchase. mine came with Kwakka side panniers and after market muffler, (sounds great) but apart from those items the rest was stock standard. I'm in the market for a top box just missed one on gumtree, Been out yet? hopefully we'll catch up on the road one day,
  16. Thanks mate. I haven't got it yet! Sometime this week!

    I have to get the train to Sydney and ride home, hopefully tomorrow. Top box or panniers are on my list, might get some soft panniers when I pick it up if they are easy to fit and they do me a deal!
  17. yes, barter strong and hard, have a safe journey home mate
  18. Welcome to NR..

    And back to being on 2 wheels...