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New (old) bike purchase - insurance issues

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by danielb, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Over the weekend i picked up a 1988 Yamaha SRX400.

    The RTA hadn't ever heard of it (it's a grey import and i'm the first owner in aus), however it was finally registered. I'm now having issues getting insurance as it's not listed in any database with the insurance companies.

    I tried shannons but they won't touch it as i'm still on my P's for my bike licence.

    Can anyone recommend any insurers? I've tried gio, suncorp, nrma, qbe (who will get back to me tomorrow about it) with no luck. I'm yet to try insuremyride as they are closed at the moment, however i don't know if i'll have luck there either as i was suspended for speeding thanks to the newish P plater laws, even though i have held my full car licence for a few years, and apparently they don't deal with people who've been suspended.

    So yeah, if anyone can help that'd be great. I'm located in Sydney in NSW.
  2. Most insurance companies assess risk, therefore cover, on the cost of repairs and their ability to assess what they might cost. Given that it's a smaller bore SRX600, of which quite a few have been sold here over the years, then see if they'll take the bike on as the same repair risk as a 600?

    And, why is it listed as a 2009 not a 1988? That will also baffle the insurance folk, who will recognise the SRX as a mid-80s to early '90s model. Perhaps the importer will know how to get it insured if they got it complianced and have already sold some.

    Handsome bike, by the way.
  3. Ah, i could've sworn i selected 1988.. fixed now!

    I'll give that a shot bumblebeeman, i mean i'm only after third party so that shouldn't really be too much of a drama as the 400 is very similar to the 600.
  4. All sorted now, QBE asked me to forward through some pictures of the bike and they've now been able to offer me cover.