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New Old Bike - FZX750

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by froggy, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Recently purchased my first bigger bike. An 86 FZX750

    I was after a bike that can take a couple of knocks without me cringing too much, so started looking at the bottom of the market and found what can be best described as quirky (mechanical and cosmetic - got to ditch that headlight real fast). Although I took a liking to it from the start.

    It is based heavily mechanically on an FZ750 with styling cues from a VMAX. Has a substantial increase in poke over my last bike, a GS500F. Originally listed as around 90-95hp. Likes to rev, only problem is that there isn't enough bark to the bite.

    As far as I am aware, there is about three or four others in the country, which can be a good and bad thing. It is pretty tidy but with plenty of scope to fix bits up over time.

    Just got to get some new tyres for it now. Does anyone have any suggestions for 110/90-16 and 140/90-15? It currently has Bridgestone Exedras on.


  2. Wow, you're right. That headlight is straight off the back of a forklift.

    The donk looks fantastic though.
    I'd angry it up with some black plastics and some bar-end mirrors, for sure.
  3. What an odd looking machine, never seen one of those before. An inline 4, semi-cruiser-styled 750cc standard. :shock:

    Looks to be in pretty good nick - and since it's such a rare thing, I hope you manage to keep it that way!
  4. i like that. looks a little like a honda boldor style maybe the suzuki vx 800 a little. like loz said, sort of a cross between a standard and a cruiser.

    has some attitude. nice one. does it share the engine with anything else...that will help allot with maintenance/parts
  5. Engine wise it is more or less an FZ750, so service items shouldn't be too hard. The front ends are a swap for period 'genesis' stuff, but forks and things off later models inc some R1s can partially fit. The rear ends are close enough to XJR and some others.

    It is in fairly good nick, a little rough around the edges in spots, but certainly not a box of crud. I am in the process of pulling a few bits off, including the tank mounted indicators/instruments (which aren't on in the photo) which have had a bodgy repair at some stage.

    I think a twin headlight could look ok, not sure.

    One of the weirder things is the flexible rubber bush for the bar clamps to upper triple tree. Makes for a sloppy old movement. Probably put on to minimise vibration, but I think I will work out a way to solid mount the bars.
  6. i like well done
  7. Never seen nor heard of one before :oops:

    Congrats, looks modern retro :cool:

    Tyres - see what you can get that fits - but have had no complaints with PR2's, around $500 a set, but IMHO good all conditions tyre
  8. :LOL:

    Looks quite cool mate.
  9. That rego label needs to be moved. It competes too much with the headlight.
  10. Looks good. There used to be a few around in the UK. A sorta muscle cruiser that could take on the serious sports bikes in the traffic light drags and which handled a lot better than the V-Max. Allegedly they won't wheelie but can be stoppied rather well.

    I've always rather fancied one, although the nearest I've come to actually riding one has been a few goes on rather tired FZ750s. Judging by how well those went, it should be fun fun fun.

    Tyre choices seem to be a problem for early/mid eighties tackle with weird sizes, so you might be stuck with the Excrements I'm afraid.
  11. very sexy looking machine
    well done