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New (old) bike, can't get part

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. :cry: Just spent my hard saved pennies on a Yamaha SR185 two weeks ago, a move up from the postie. Instead should have paid off the remainder of the loan for the postie and the previous first bike which died after three weeks :x , but wanted to get out there on better roads now, not in 18 months. Then the rear wheel went bung (see post in Wanted). Nothing seems to be turning up at the wreckers.

    Anybody have any ideas on the next step - ie about a suitable substitute wheel (is that possible)? Has anybody any knowledge of the SRs and about doing such a thing.


  2. The SR185 is a rare bike, parts will be difficult to obtain.

    Does a wheel from an SR250 fit by any chance?
  3. Reading your posts I cant get the picture of what has gone wrong with your back wheel is it the wheel itself or the sprocket carrier that slides into the cush rubbers ???

    It sounds like an easier fix would be to take the remains to AJAX wheel works Cnr Exley Dr & Ewar St., Moorabbin, 3189. 9555 7737 or Steve's Wheels 749-751 Sydney Road, Brunswick Vic 3056
    Large Range of New & Used Wheels & Tyres
    We also do Polishing & Repairs of Wheels 9386 8887

    These two contacts may be able to weld up the damage and remachine it back to original

    Good luck
  4. matt
    make a mental note , dont take the bike the guide dog likes :wink: :LOL:
    you seem to be bying lemons , before you buy your next bike , take someone with you or get some advise .
  5. Thanks Brucey - looks like I've found a good replacement...in New Zealand. The repair shop here is going to follow it up. But if not I'll check out your leads. Unfortunately my mechanical knowledge is so poor I can't explain the problem clearly - I'm half guessing at the proper terms. But the bolts have no thread - perhaps they're stripped, with the nuts welded onto to sprcoket and only loosely holding it in place (or rather, failing to) by sitting over the bolts. At any rate should be fixed within a week or two thanks to the Kiwis.

    Sounds like good advice groberts03. I'm only just starting to meet bike riders who have been around and know. I have to say that, for a small city run-about, nothing beats a postie - good decision there (I was inspired when, out in the scrub, I saw my uncle do repairs on his farm one with a brick! And that one had (still does) served as a guest's dirt bike for 30 years). I think I might not spend too long on the SR, given this problem with parts, but look at moving up in 6 months to a postie equivalent (cheap and reliable and easily repairable) among the 250's. Something not too old at around $1800 - $2500. I'm guessing a CB250 would best fit that description?

    Cheers, Matt.
  6. Hi Matt,

    Had to laugh - have been browsing these forums reading up, I currently ride a postie and am thinking of buying an SR250! :grin:

    Hopefully the SR250's a bit easier to find parts for... hopefully! One of the things I love about the postie is parts are cheap and plentiful, thanks to aus post - anything you need, the honda dealer could get.

  7. Hi Adrian.

    Yeh, that was a postie's selling point for me, also. THough when I ride one now, it feels like a piece of farm machinary by comparison to my new bike.

    I have to say, the SR's been a great bike since I replaced the wheel - not a problem. I'd imagine the SR250 won't be a problem to get parts for. However, I'm moving up soon to a bigger bike (something like a CX500) and would do so even if it was to a good 250 - the SR's are a bit underpowered. Not that any 250 is that powerful, but you notice it with mine and people say the same of the SR250 (which apparently isn't that much more gutsy than the 185). As soon as you want to go for a cruise to Yarra Glen etc, it becomes a problem, keeping the speed and power up on a 100km road, with some to spare for safety reasons. Before buying the SR, I didn't think that I would ever want to ride on such roads, but the move from a postie to a road bike inspires confidence and a desire to experience such pleasant cruises. If I was buying again from the 250 market, it would be a virago or a GPX (here's a good comparison of them and a CB250 http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mccompare/250shootout.html). The Virago can be bought for the same price (ebay) and has parts available new.

    Also, the SR is not so good on corners, in that the back wheel feels like it wants to slide out. I've noticed this, and I've read people make the same complaint of GN250's, which are basically the same design.

    Don't get me wrong, however - they're a nice bike, and I'm selling mine to a close friend who just wants to cruise around the inner city and St Kilda. I'm sure she'll be very content with it for her purposes.

    Cheers, Matt.
  8. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the post - it, almost sadly, confirms what I've been reading about the SR250... I'd have to say the consensus is that it's a very nice bike, but would definitely be classed as a low-powered commuter.

    As a 'low powered commuter' is currently what I enjoy in the CT-110, I'm thinking I need to shift my horizons a bit in terms of bike purchase.

    It's interesting you talking about cruising to Yarra Glen and beyond - this is something that I haven't let only having a postie stop me from doing! I've been out to Yarra Glen, done the black spur a lot, done reefton, even ridden to Mt Hotham via the back roads on the postie - and enjoying these rides more, and getting more out of them is probably my biggest motivator to move up from the postie.

    (Although overtaking cars going uphill through the black spur is quite fun!)

    I'm now looking at a Kwaka ZZR250, from reports, tends to be sportier, more capable for some fun in the twisties, and I can certainly get one within my budget. Even though am off restrictions, a 250 is prob all I can afford at this stage - so I really want to maximize the jump from postie to 250, which I don't think I'd be doing with an SR.

    Thanks again for your post!