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New "Off Topic Stuff" forum

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. A new forum has been created, "Off Topic Stuff". We'll trial it out and see how it goes. Of course, the standard forums terms and conditions still apply though.

    As the name and description says, it's for discussion of topics that are completely un-related to bikes and riding (and doesn't fit into either the jokes & humour, or multimedia forums). Eg plumbing advice, how to sell on ebay, divorce questions, etc ....

    The current "General Discussion" forum is therefore, as it's descrption says, to be used for bike only related topics that don't fit into the other forums. Users birthday wishes, and the like, would still go into here though since they are related to bikes by association :)

    Netrider is of course a community of friends and like minded people, and just like sitting around at a BBQ or sipping a coffee at the cafe, discussion will sometimes move away from the core reason/interest for many reasons. We recognise this, and that is why previously General Discussion existed, and now Off Topic Stuff. We also recognise that a lot of people aren't interested in sharing or hearing about anything outside of bikes and riding too .. so hopefully this will help them "seperate the wheat from the chaff".

    Don't abuse it though folks. Netrider is first and foremost about/for bikes and riding. If the "Off Topic Stuff" has far too many topics/posts for it's own good, or becomes too hard to manage for the value it brings, then it will be removed. If that occurs, General Discussion will remain as bike-only related topics.
  2. Good move Jason and team. Though I hope the last line isn't set in concrete. If "off topic" dies and general is bike only, I can see bike threads getting jacked by people wanting to talk about their "stuff".

  3. I imagine any of these could be "bike related"... :grin:
  4. hehehe cool :)

    but yeah, agree with justin, not liking the last line of that.

    *edit: justing? coal? lins? Not i KNOW im tired!
  5. I , for one, think thats a good move :cool: