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New Nth Brisbane Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by d4g6k11, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Gday Folks

    I live just north of Brisbane - Burpengary - and have just completed my Qride with DARTS in Caboolture (Rick Haidle).

    I had a great and informative time getting trained up and am now ready to continue developing my skills on the road.

    I am looking for a good starter bike and like the Suzuki GS500. I am a tall rider (6'2) and heavy (120kg) so I need an appropriate bike. I like the Kawasaki er6nl too but they aren't LAMS in Qld just yet. Anyway, I will keep looking. I am scouring the internet for local dealers as i write this.

    I hope to be commuting to work in a short while and want to ultimately build up to some trips to the Sunshine coast and back. The beginner rider threads here at Netriders have been great to learn from too.

    Thanks for having me :)

  2. welcome scribbler...

    i don't know much about brissy except some street called the valley... interesting night on the booze that one...

    I can't help you much with bike decisions, i'm the other end of the scale, 5'4 and 70kg's... there's plenty of people here that can advise you on that one though... enjoy-o
  3. welcome to the family
  4. Well, I applied for finance today through Team Moto Suzuki at Virginia for an 09 GS500. The application should be approved on Monday.

    From my initial contact Teammoto Virginia were friendly and very helpful. I did the finance thing over the phone and went in later to check out some accessories.

    When they helped me kit up every aspect of the gear was explained which helped me to make what i thought was an informed decision on what to buy. Seeing as i have just finished Qride and don't have a history with motocycles they made me feel very comfortable.

    I should get the bike Monday afternoon .. maybe. Tuesday for sure.

    Making a decision on the bike is a weight off my shoulders. I can't wait to get it.
  5. How did the finance go??
  6. They told me they would ring me this morning to let me know but no phone call yet :( I don't want to appear like I am harassing them but I will give them a call in a couple of hours if i don't hear anything.

    Haven't felt like this for years. It is like waking up at 3am christmas morning and having to wait until 7 to open the pressies.
  7. scribbler, dont be so soft, they are getting your money, your not taking theirs, ring them and tell them, you have till 4 to organise this or i will take my business elsewhere, and for the record, u should of financed through your own bank.
  8. Yeah you are right, soft like marshmellow :LOL:

    I have rung them and finance is approved. Woot.
  9. beat me too it Goz, good to hear, enjoy the new toy!!! whooooooooooooooop!
  10. My new bike!

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  11. Hey mate, congrats on the bike. I'm also Bris northside and also just got myself a GS500, although mine's a second hand 2002 :) I don't intend to keep it past 360 odd days ;) Team Moto were pretty good when I went and got my gear, although they wouldn't budge anywhere past 7% discount. I've since visited Brisbane Motorcycles at Windsor and they have a MUCH larger range of gear.
  12. I will check them out!
  13. good feeling isnt it
  14. I am riding as much as I can and still can't get enough. At the moment I am getting up early so i can fit in a ride before work each day. I am seriously addicted!
  15. well, there is a group ride on this weekend. if ya keen
  16. would love to go for a group ride but having a 125cc, i wouldent be able to keep up with you guys haha
  17. I am still learning the ropes and getting my road spidey sense calibrated. Once I get that stuff in working order I would love to.