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New NSW Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dazzahh, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Have had my L's for about month now and been heavy practicing on my bike before i venture out on the roads, I'm extremely confident riding on the roads but still want to practice little bit more.

    Anyway Just wanted to Say Hello and that i ride around the Blacktown/Homebush/Sydney area all over, Fivedock, penrith etc etc. I ride a Hyosung GT650R Black. I'm going to start attending events and start to get to know a few people around here ay;) If anyone sees me on the roads don't be afraid to come up and say hello! :) My name is Darren hopefully get to meet some new people :D
  2. Hey Darren Welcome to Netrider.

    Keep an eye on the rides section; there's always something going on :).
  3. Thanks mate will do, should be fun as!
  4. Mate, you are officially invited to the Learner sessions at Homebush [​IMG]. Currently Wednesday evenings but in a couple of weeks when we run out of light it'll be Sundays. We dont bite .. only the mozzies do [​IMG]
  5. Hey Daz, welcome to NR! :)

    Don't be too long joining in with a group ride, they're great fun! :grin:
  6. hey

    Hi Darren,

    Welcome aboard.

    I'm based in Penrith and on my L plate as well.

  7. gday dazza, as said before, homebush learner nights are perfect for you, maybe you and ewaynemorgan could ride in together, we have a bloke (experienced rider) from penrith so you could prob follow him home

    link here
  8. Sounds sweet, i will most definately been attending those! Hope to see everyone on the roads as i said come up and say hey! ;)
  9. g'day dazz
    welcome to NR,a great place to learn and waste time! :grin: