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New NSW Police Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JohnG., Jan 18, 2011.

  1. 'Apparently on trial...:wink:


  2. yes they are, my information is H-D have given the Force a couple to trial...
  3. Do they have 2.5 inch open pipes and raised bars?
  4. That looks so gay, I'd hate to be the cop riding it
  5. And knee-high boots, blue tights and short sleeve shirt isn't gay?
  6. Say that to him,as he writes you up...:LOL:
    Actually they're intended for offical ceremony use.
  7. You could even do the YMCA dance on the side of the road.
  8. ..... So the cops won't be nodding at other riders then!!....8-[
  9. :LOL: nice one tweet (y)

  10. :rofl: Good call!
  11. When do they receive their 1%er patches and start arresting themselves for bikie laws
  12. :rofl: hahaha I'd love to see that
  13. imo looks less gay than the current bmw crop and cops never nodded afaik though I always nod to them anyway. would probably be more appropriate for country coppers than city ones for sake of manouverability on the open roads.

    smart move by hd to "throw out a sprat to catch a mackerel" which if successful they will reap the rewards as Honda have with Aus Post on the ct110.
  14. This is what they use in Holland...Yam-XT1200 :cool:

  15. I ride a cruiser, and HD riders won't even nod at me!! (not a HD rider am I)
  16. Non Hardly cruiser riders have a lower nod probability factor than Tupperware riders
  17. Good to know I can still get away from them in 2nd gear I suppose. :)
  18. Haha yeah, I pulled up next to a HD and he looked left and then I looked right and nodded, and what does he do, revs the bike.

    I hardly see any bike cops around, I should get out more.
  19. I still have fun trying to get them to though. Every now and then 1 breaks under the guilt and nods back.
  20. Of course they're going to trial them when HD loan and fit them out for free. ACT are trialling 3 as well, apparently no-one wants to ride them though...