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New NSW noise emission proposal

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. This is bad shit for motorcyclists. Maybe someone in the EPA has had it in for us since the ridiculous NSW emission label law was repealed. If so, they may end up getting us back with this stuff. Have a read as while there may be little chance for us to change it, the only way we can is if we provide public comment before 13 July to the email address listed.

    Also, while the document is specific to NSW, there are sections in regard to motorcycle mufflers where they make mention that the proposed changes, rather than being implemented just in NSW, should be referred to the NTC for Australia wide implementation - remember the NTC are the ones who got shellacked on the lane filtering proposal. I bet there are a few people in there that would similarly like to stick it to us.

    Here is the full document. Lengthy, but skim read to the motor vehicle sections and prepare to get worried: http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/resources/07186noiseris.pdf

    IF all this stuff gets up, some summarised points from the way I read it:
    - Maximum or rated noise level will not be as important as it is now because the "standard" will become the noise level of the manufacturers OEM system for that bike! This means if the OEM can is 90dB and you want to buy a system that is twice as loud as a safety measure and within the maximum noise level(93dB I think) then you can't as 90dB is now the max for that bike.
    - Any type of pipe that has a removable section is automatically illegal, no ifs, no buts. Any baffles have to be riveted or welded in place. If a cop or EPA officer sees you with anything that looks like it isn't a permanent fixture, then it is an on-the-spot fine.
    - If you have a non-compliant pipe when the laws come in, you will have 12 months to get the OEM pipe replaced. That's right, you may have to go out and buy the OEM pipe(and we know how cheap OEM parts are!) or buy a system that is of a lesser noise level and have it proven as such.

    How huge an impact is this going to have on the aftermarket motorcycle exhaust industry. Don't all the Staintunes have removable baffles? It seems a lot of this proposal has been based on the noise survey of councils and they are drawing conclusion that the majority of people see motorcycle noise as a major problem. But they aren't tempering this with the fact that the majority of people aren't riders. I bet you there will be little consultation with rider groups which means we won't have a voice unless we pipe up(excuse the pun).


    And finally, I'd just like to sum up by saying......CU%TS
  2. I'm lazy - whats the email address?
  3. i did read the post, and just thumped out an email, but i gotta say....
    the above text, that i quoted is poetry mate! beautiful :grin:
  4. fcuking knobs. We have ricers to thank for this bullshit, with their fart can exhausts, 18" subwoofers and anti social behaviour. We're being tarred with teh same brush because it's convenient.
    This will get up, this legislation, and we're too small/apathetic a minority to do a damn thing about it.
    I suggest buying some OEM cans now, before the price doubles.......you can look forward to older bikes being unregisterable in the very near future, as muffler options disappear. Hell, my GTR will be off the road, as I won't be paying Kawasaki $1300 for new mufflers on a $2600 bike, and all the second hand ones have rusted out, or are well on the way to rusting out.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. It looks very dire but we have had some success of late. The NTC filtering laws and the NSW EPA sticker rubbish were pretty big wins. But there was an enormous amount of work put in to achieve this by people like John K. This could go the same way.

    Email address is

  6. I sent one email, bounced, will see if it does it again. :?
    One thing I do well is write a well worded email.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. :? C'mon Greg, pull the other one. People buy after-market exhausts to increase noise because they sounds good. Dressing it up as safety is a load of pious bunkum.
  8. I disagree. There are many reasons for getting a louder pipe. One is that being heard is just as good as being seen when it comes to not getting run over by cagers who don't look. Do you reckon Harley riders have as many issues with drivers not seeing them and merging on them compared to someone with a quiet exhaust?
  9. Harley riders don't do it for safety either, they do it BECAUSE it is anti-social, which is precisely why this legislation is being framed.

    The NSW Police have been looking for a legal way to get at the noisy Harleys for years now. The compliance plate on the muffler failed because most Harleys don't have mufflers; this is the next step in the process.
  10. Then why is it that many riders I have spoken with about this very topic(we had a discussion online at work about it last week) cited a louder exhaust as a valid means of further establishing your presence near other motorists. These aren't people who are all for show. These aren't people who make noise for the sake of it. These are people who honestly believe that a more noticeable exhaust note is a bonus for safety. I agree with them. Do I ride a Harley? Do I buy bikes because they look good(remembering I have a Strom)? Do I bling my bikes up? Am I very cogniscant of safety issues?
  11. Greg, old mate, I'm not questioning your sincerity, your character, or anything about you. I like you too much for that. And I know that people DO put louder exhausts on and cite safety as the reason. But loud exhausts are noisy ALL the time, not just when you are in danger, and how they sound in themselves is the real reason they exist.
  12. I have to say I get given a lot more space with the aftermarket mufflers on the GTR, compared to the stock mufflers. It is most noticeable in slow traffic, people know I am there. However, the bike can be ridden quietly when I don't need the noise.
    Yes the mufflers do make the bike more "visible" but I didn't put them on there for that primary reason, the main reason was teh old mufflers were falling apart. The lovely sound, weight saving and performance increase were side bonuses. You've heard my bike Paul, it's not offensively loud at neighbourhood speeds.
    I think it's a matter of sensible modification, and teh stupid, no muffler wannabe heroes ruining it for everyone, as was bound to eventually happen.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Whilst your reason may be true, I can atest to the difference a louder sound from your bike makes to safety in a few circumstances. I've had both loud bikes (800cc V4 with aftermarket, 1000cc twin with baffles bypassed) and quiet bikes (eg. current 600cc in-line 4 with factory under-seats). The incidence of cagers trying to lane merge onto me without headchecks noticeably decreases on a loud bike.
  14. I sent my email away, complaining about how motorbikes are unfairly targeting, compared to trucks, trains, cars with modified exhaust systems.

    The standard stock muffler on a Spada is CRAP, the bike is so quiet, even a little budgie or some tiny bird would be louder. That is why I got Carringbah Motorcycles to modified a VTR250 Staintuned pipe to fit onto my bike. For a 250, there is no way I could hope to gain any more power (although it felt a bit more powerful - such is imagination). But the bike does sound louder.

    Anyone who has heard my Spada say it sounds nice. The louder the bike, the less chance I have of another car driver merging into me. I know myself (whilst driving), that I notice louder bikes. Despite looking out for them constantly, a louder bike raises my awareness more quickly, thus gives me more time to make room for the bike.

    I admit my bike is quiet whilst idling, when riding between 6,000 to 10,000 rpm, it is better to be seen and HEARD. There will be no way I will ever put my baffle back onto my pipe. To me, that is just like throwing out my back protector or squiding or riding with no helmet. A loud muffler pipe is just another essential safety item.

    PS: A friend told me that a Harley or simlar cruiser are very safe to ride because everyone knows that you are on the road.
  15. Interested to know what science that the EPA is basing this stuff on. Unlike environmental contaminants, noise is gone once the source is away, so there really is no environmental impacts?

    I hear more noise from trains, trucks and cop car sirens than bike. And if I do hear a loud one on the road, at least im aware a rider is nearby!
  16. Seems rather unfair to impose different volumes on different vehicles. 90dbs of Bike exhaust = 90db of chainsaw = 90db of doof doof music.

    Apart from destroying all aftermarket exhaust makers, I wonder how they'd apply such a regulation on Manufacturer sold 'accessories' that can be ordered as pre fitted options on a new bike.
  17. great. waiting on a pair of Termis for my duke.. the stock pipes are too quiet

    how about the government buses?? they must be the noisiest vehicles on the road
  18. Here, here.

    I don't know why trucks always get ignored. I think the senior people in the EPA live in quiet leafy suburbs and their only noise disturbance is their yuppy nieghbour going past on his custom Hardly on a Sunday morning.

    Oh BTW I replied and sent the emial to not only the EPA, but the minister for roads, the minister for environment, the transport minister and my local member.

    All these email adresses are available on line.
  19. If more noise does not equal more safety hornet, then why are cops, ambos and firies all fitted with lights AND sirens. If Australian drivers are so aware of their surroundings, and more noise does not grant the others around you more awareness to your presence, then lets lobby to have all the sirens removed as well, and just let the 000's run red's with just their lights flashing eh? :roll: