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New NSW kid here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LKC73, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Hey there all, just signed up and thought I would say Hi. Ive been riding from 97, and Ive just got myself a 2005 model R6. Anyhoo, I would post a pic but the site wont let me yet, will put one up soon.

  2. Hey, welcome to the site.

    Whereabouts are you?
  3. Welcome to the most informative bike forum in the known universe :LOL:.
  4. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  5. Im in the south Sydney area, and looking forward to meeting up with some riders over the next few months.

    P.S. Ive put my bike in the garage this forum provides, so have a check, nothing out standing, but its mine and I love it!
  6. Welcome! Nice bike - I'm hoping to testride something similar next week :dance:
  7. Awesome bike, great brakes and handels unreal! for its year it was top of the class, but not buy much mind you.... But Im a Yamaha fan!
  8. Welcome to NR.