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new, not so new

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jskit, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. #1 Jskit, Feb 3, 2014
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    been registered for quite a while but mainly for browsing only, now since the NR page is renovated and a black box always keep popping out at left bottom corner to a point of being annoying, i figure it would be better for me to post in this new member introduction and see if i could get rid of it : )

    been riding for about 4 years,
    1st bike - 91" CBR250RR - big screamer, i always wonder if i got the loudest pipe in town, coz people can't even hear my friend's 1098 with Termi when i was beside, revving :p

    2nd bike - 07' CBR600RR, i rode it day or night, rain or shine for over a year, 30KM of commuting each way with mixture of freeway, traffic, tight and high speed curve. one great tool to learn on the input to the bike, refining my throttle control even more. someone at last came to offer me for more than what i bought it for, so she has to go :)

    Current - BMW HP4, great bike with DDC, feels like magic carpet wherever i ride, the DDC does being very forgiving in some of the most critical situations on the road or track, very controllable power, and i do feel the electronic packages does save me from binning it time to time.

    Guys, have fun riding safely!
  2. So did it get rid of the black box?
  3. welcome to posting here, but don't let the 'purists' hear you say that the electronics actually help your riding :LOL:
  4. not that i rely on eletronics but i just want some bottom line safety net, and i can change it according to the situation i am in lol.

    though none of my friend actually believes me that i cannot purposefully bring my front up even i am pinning my throttle in slick mode, my warist is just like a 2nd mental throttle servo and have to operate gradually

    but hell why should i hear what other says, i keep my rubber side down all the time then i am the winner lol, live longer ride longer hehe
  5. How do you get rid of that annoying black box? I have made a few posts and everytime I go to a new page it keeps popping up.
  6. Have you posted in the welcome thread yet?
  7. once you post in this welcome thread and after a while the black box will be gone.:LOL:
  8. wow hp4....you went all out

    i rode the SS version, its a beast of a bike on top end....you can easily get it to lift 1st 2nd 3rd, mind you the bike shop rider on the panigale in front was pulling away from me on mid range

    either way, you got taste in bikes!
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  9. i had been tempting for the standard s1krr model while i still owns my CBR600RR, then this hp4 came out and i figured that in standard model (not comp), those upgrades are well worth the price compare to s1krr so i jumped on it :LOL:
    still heaps to learn, time for new tyre lol