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New Norton - in the flesh!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RacingTurtles, May 26, 2009.

  1. As some of you might know, the once-famous brand, Norton, is attempting (yet another) comeback. There have been a few other attempts in the past but this one seems pretty likely to get somewhere. One good thing about it is that the new owner is British, and their factory is in England which makes it a lot more authentic than some knock-up of Chinese parts with Norton logo on it.
    The previous attempt at bringing this bike back was lead by an American, Kenny Dreer. It got so close to production stage they were taking deposits, but the whole thing eventually collapsed... Authentic or not, Kenny did have a beautiful-looking design and the good thing is the new owners also acquired all the work he's done. Apparently they are building on it, which I think is great, because I loved what he's done!

    And here it is, the new Norton for the first time shown in public:



    Where do I sign up?!?

    Edit: images resized as per request.
  2. Looks pretty good but I don't know about the position of that rear brake caliper... any sort of knock and it'd be damaged.
  3. Pretty. Ohlins and Brembo bits look like they're taking it seriously. Cable runs are a bit messy, surely they could have done better than cable ties all the way down both sides of the frame.
  4. can you please resize and resubmit the photographs? 1024x768 is ok, as is 800x600; not everyone has huge screens, and it's a pain scrolling sideways as well as up and down

    thank you
  5. I've got my doubts.

    the american one had a different engine to that. That looks like an old norton engine. So I think its a mock up that's a few years old.

    Maybe it is, but updated.

    That aside, I don't like the gold slides (they just draw the eye away from the bike proper too much) and it could do with wire wheels. other than that I think it's going in the right direction.

    I hope it's true and they are successful. Always had a soft spot for norton even if I wasn't a fan of other British bikes.
  6. I'll believe it when I see it. Wrote something about it on the below link a while back.

    But I dunno, Norton has been stopping and starting for a while now.
  7. Umm sorry about that but they are not my pictures - I just linked to them.
    If you think they are absolutely not acceptable please remove them.
  8. Absolutely not, no need to remove them, and if I was mod of this forum I could grab them and resize them and re-submit them myself, and wouldn't have even asked YOU to do it :). It's just a pain them being the size they are because they also force all text in all posts off the screen as well.
  9. Not on my 27" of goodness, keep the big pics coming, they are great for showing detail.

    Hornet, update your 15"CRT :p
  10. Hmm there's something really appealing about that bike. For some reason I really like the old twin shock setup at the rear. And that polished engine case looks nice. Leaning more towards a naked for my upgrade.
  11. The pics look good even on my little 20 inch work monitor, no side scrolling needed.
  12. somehow i think it is not the real thing... if you notice the rims bst carbon rims, hmmmm highly doubt they will come with them
  13. ton website

    From Norton website

    "The SE version of the Commando will also have a ‘Carbon Pack’ consisting of carbon fibre wheels, front mudguard, headlight mounts, number plate hanger, rear hugger and chain guard."

    So I guess this might be the higher spec version... and it might not be 100% finished... but it's a real deal.
  14. sigh, my old June 2003 Samsung SyncMaster 191T (a gift from my grateful Samsung rep after a particularly good month of sales) refuses to die, and I just can't justify retiring it while it's still working so well......
  15. OMG, if this thing goes half decent, there is going to be another hole in my bank account! I love it, really do.
  16. :drool: I will take 2 thanks... then Replace those ugly fluid resivours on the bars. Apart from that, love the look of it.
  17. I dunno, honestly I think there's too much old mixed with the new, or vice versa; an old Brit journalist once described the Rover 'Coupe' as 'a bit like seeing your maiden aunt in a mini-skirt'. I feel a bit this way; the reversed buff alloy gear lever sticking out of a polished chrome case kinda grates, if you know what I mean....?

    ps, thanks for fixing the pix :wink: :).
  18. Glad I zoomed in - when I saw the small pictures I thought "sweet, they got a hornet and put a norton paint job on it", but having zoomed in it does look somewhat Norton-like.

    I'm with Hornet though - it doesn't look quite right - needs a lot more silver and a lot less gold/orange for a start. The rear end is just a mess tbh - mixing a old-style seat with a huge clearance over the rear wheel and modern shocks just looks weird.

    Tbh I'm just unhappy they're not making it look exactly like an old one triumph-style :(.
  19. The reflectors on the forks look silly ( like an after thought ). The rest could grow on me.
  20. To my eye it looks right exactly for the reasons you and Hornet don't like it: it mixes the old and the new. If if was just a slavish copy of old designs it would not be terribly interesting to me. If it was completely modern it would have no ties to the tradition. But as it stands, I see it as a very successful modern interpretation of a classic theme.