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New Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cassaser, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hey all!
    Finally signed up after reading the forums for a while- it's really helped with everything bike related, as it's all new to me.
    Name's Cassie and I've been on my L's for roughly 3 months... Picking up my CB250 tomorrow.
    Anyway thanks for all of the advice so far (and the endless procrastination you've provided me at work).

  2. Welcome aboard.

    Congrats on teh new bike - nice timing! Good time of the year to start riding!
  3. Welcome Cassie, make sure you get down to one of Doug's Saturday morning skills sessions. You can meet a whole lot of other new riders. What part of Melbourne do you come from?
  4. Welcome Cassie. Perfect weekend to get out riding. Spring's finally arrived in Melbourne - one month late.
    Enjoy. And ride safe.
  5. Welcome to the forums, as mentioned, now is a great time to hop on a bike :)
  6. Thanks guys. You're right, this is the perfect weekend for riding... If only the Grand Final didn't have to take up half of it!

    Awesome I'll definitely head to one of those Saturday morning rides; I'm about 15 minutes from there so quite close. :)
  7. Welcome cassie
  8. 3 months on your Ls? no longer a new noob - how about an old newb? Well done on the CB250 - Sounds like a great bike.

  9. Welcome in :)
  10. Hi and welcome Cassie :)
  11. A year and 3 months, and I'm still a noob.

  12. Welcome and enjoy.. Great forum.. Great range of opinions

    Stay safe
  13. Hi and welcome to NR. See you at a Sat practice
  14. welcome to THE forum. :)
  15. welcome Cass! (one nice welcome deserves another!)

    So I was intrigued, did you have a bike to ride for the last 3 months? And how much are you loving your new bike?? hope the first ride went well.
  16. Welcome Cassie. Safe riding and nice bike you've chosen. d
  17. Welcome Cassie & congrats on the new bike.
    Look forward to seeing you down at Sat prac sometime soon.
  18. Hi Cassie! See you at a Saturday session sometime!
  19. Welcome to NR :D enjoy !!
  20. Thanks guys, really appreciate the warm welcome.

    Bazz; thank you indeed! I didn't have my own bike for those 3 months (the bank account wouldn't allow for it), but I did have a few goes around the parking lot on my cousin's CBR. I also did a few extra lessons at Motorcycle Motion, just to keep practise up and deal with the clutch and gears (I'd never driven a manual before) and to learn some defensive riding techniques. Good blokes over there.

    Do you have your bike yet? Absolutely loving the bike mate! Still a tad shaky and not too confident in mid traffic, but still having fun.
    Actually went for a ride without stalling the other day :)
    Then got so excited that I nearly dropped the bike in the garage...
    Not one of my smartest moves... haha!