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New noise laws...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by russ, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. hi folks
    bad news for 2006....

    noise laws have apparently been amended to a new 74dB max outpput (down from 77d8) for those who aren't up with the dB scale, thats approximately half as loud. in America the noise allowed is 80dB (about twice as loud as what we have now...) :roll:

    dunno if this is common knowledge but I figured I'd post it anyways
  2. is this idling level? I thought (and my bike has stamped) 94 db @ 6000 rpm. I thought '95' was the magic number?
  3. yeh to be honest I'm not entirely clear on the whole thing (my source on this is wheels magazine which is obviously for cars, but i'm assuming that since cars are changing so will we...
    the current setup is this:


    so it seems we have 5 dB on cars, which may mean that the changes will reflect that too. But I posted to find out more (if they try impose this retrospectively that will be expensive trouble for all of us)
  4. so does that mean that the people sitting at the lights in their cars doing their knitting (saw that this morning!), reading the paper, shaving, cleaning teeth, sleeping etc will have less of a chance of knowing we are next to them? :roll:
  5. It's a crazy World...

    A few irresponsible people stick on aftermarket exhausts to their cars/bikes that make your ears bleed at 50 meters and as society doesn’t like having their windows rattled they decide the best way to do it is to restrict the noise of ALL standard exhausts. Mr average then buys his new bike/car and wonders why he can’t even hear the thing, so chucks the standard pipe in the bin and sticks an aftermarket one on it (which will also be smaller and lighter without all that padding). So we just have a circle here with us paying out the cash (and even more cash if we get caught) and the noise limit getting lower and lower.

    The fact is that if the noise limit was ‘reasonable’ to start with most of us would just leave the standard exhaust on it.
  6. Hey, you might want to invest in a set of ear plugs if you are following Trenshadow to HQ on Sunday :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. What's your source for this info? It differs with the information I'm aware of.
  8. Thats what I was thinkig Mouth.
    That would mean every bike made would be against the law. The stock pipe for my SV is rated at 84db.
  9. Not Bond with his suicide pipes! Rider can't even hear him hey sluglie?
  10. my source... hehe
    the link contains current bike regs.
  11. Bad assumption re car changes will affect us. The EPA's are state based. There has been some movement in NSW to set restrictive than present noise levels for bikes, but nothing similiar in any other states (yet!).
  12. really? hmm learn something new everyday, at least thats good news,

    well, except for Sydney people :(
    apologies for the misplaced controversy...
  13. from following this subject in nsw
    I am sure you will find its 97db or 98db down to 94db of the top of my head