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New ninja rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Toshi, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hi fellas just joined after long time lurking this forum. I ordered Ninja 250r at end of June, finally came after waited just over 3 weeks! Riding out of the dealer was best feeling ever. Being a learner I find it really easy to ride and very forgiving, and most of all super fun to ride! Hope to see you guys out on saturday practice and sunday rides soon!

  2. Welcome Sustengo. Great choice of bike to learn on. I have been on a 2009 model for about 6 months now and love it. Easy to ride, forgiving and enough to get up and go for us beginners. Enjoy the bike :)
  3. Welcome to NR :)
  4. Congrat on your new bike, enjoy your new ride. Great bike to learn on and i am glade i started with the 250, the power were just like for beginner.

    Cheers Cam...
  5. Welcome to NR. What color did you end up getting?
  6. Heymate I'm new to riding aswell, I sore a green ninja 250r that I couldn't resist taking a photo of.. Their very nice bikes ride well buddy.
  7. Thanks for welcomes, I got a black one, looks really great when being washed and waxed!

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  8. I personally love ALL BLACK BIKES. :) Nice one! & you are right about the washing & waxing part!
  9. Nice bike mate well done.
  10. I am week away of getting my Ninja. It positive feedback like this that helps justify my decsion of getting a ninja
  11. looks like a big full-sized bike in black doesn't it?

    congrats (y)
  12. Welcome & congrats. Good choice in the 250 Ninja, great little bike & gangs of fun to ride.
    Might catch up at practice on a Satuerday morn.
  13. welcome and seems a populr choice of bike to learn on, congrats and keep smiling!!
  14. Black Ninjas rock. I like my 14.

    Welcome to motorcycling, and NR mate, nice to have you here.
  15. You have 14 of them??? :-s
  16. Yes, all of them are nice, but I don't ride the pink one so much. The black one is my favourite.
  17. great choice....good looking bike that outsold other 250 in the last 6 months.