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New Ninja 650L

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by TimTams, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hiya all! Finally got my NEW ninja 650! :D :D :D

    It's a sexy beast:


    This thing takes off like a rocket, managed to lift the front wheel up way off the ground - by accident, in third gear :/ I can only fantasize how this thing goes without the restriction!

    Look forward to seeing you all on the road. Damn it feels good to be on a bike again.
  2. Looks sweet, maybe keep the front wheel on the ground for a while ;)
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  3. 3rd gear wheelie!! Jesus. Is it the 2013 model?
  4. I am sceptical to be honest....

    2nd gear with a handful of clutch-up....but 3rd gear........?
    I call bunk
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  5. not 'bunk', just shouldn't have been pulling the clutch in with one finger. was at about 4-5k rpm. definitely pulled the wheel off the ground

    shes a 2012 model I believe. looking at the 2013 model I think i'd prefer this...
  6. Yeah ditto....

    Even on the unrestricted version it would require a lot of commitment, even then...
  7. well, ok.. but I'm not making it up :-s either way, this bike is sexy as hell - and scary fast (for me)
  8. Very nice just not a fan of the reflectors on the front forks.
  9. I'd be checking to see if the restriction is still in place. What you describe is easily achieved without restriction but when the bike is in labotamised LAMS mode... Hmm.

    Would assume that restriction on the 2012 is the same as on the 2011 - ie half throttle movement courtsey of an easily removed 'security' screw and a circuit jumper in the ECU under the seat.
  10. I think they slightly changed the 2012 model so the throttle restrictor was harder to reach. I could be wrong though...
  11. Maybe OP meant third world gear. The fabric must have been so light and crappy to increase his power to weight to deliver front wheel lift.
  12. All speculation about wheelie capability aside.......

    I saw one of these in the flesh yesterday - 650R (not LAMS but the same thing)
    It was white - it looked the business......

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  13. Am getting the White 650, but apparently it only is in a LAMS and only the black 650's in Australia are the non restricted.

    Can someone tell me if I remove the restrictors, will it void my warranty???
  14. According to the dealers it will, since the bikes themselves are registered as LAMS.

    But I have also heard that it is not considered an illegal mod because it does not increase the engine power or effect the bike in any way, just illegal for your Learner Restriction

    I am not sure with the 650L if you can replace the ECU bypass or not, i assume the throttle stop is easy enough to put back in, so if you can put both back in then just put em back in before taking it to the dealer as i Doubt they have VOID stickers underneath or on the parts so i doubt they would know you have taken em off.
  15. Congrats on the new bike! Bet you're loving it! I was contemplating a black 650 before deciding to go street fighter, they're a great bike. I saw a white one of these as well the other day when I stopped by the dealer I bought my ER from, they look excellent.
  16. VERY nice Bike,I bought the exact same bike in June,Only had a couple of rides as the Weather is Shite.My Mate wants to take the Derestrict Screw out but I am not ready Yet,Cant wait to get rid of that SILLY,Yellow plate off the back but will have to wait till Oct.
    Where did you buy it,and did you get a good price,if you don't mind me asking. :)
  17. did you mistake third gear for first?
  18. My Versys 650L is a Nov 2011 built MY12 model and the restriction is removed with just the 1 ECU plug and the screw on the throttle boday, 1-2 minutes work.