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new/newish bike suggestions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sparkie87, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone

    I am new to the road bike scene as i have been riding a variety of dirtbikes since i was 16,
    I am now 23 got my full unrestricted licence and am trying to do some research on what is a good suggestion.
    I like the look of the aggressive sportbikes and every dealer out there wants to sell whatever they can to whoever so I don't trust them as much when they say "yeah you'll be fine".

    My budget is about 15k for bike, insurance, protective clothing looking at a full set of good leathers as i have only dirt gear, obviously the older and more K's on the bike the less i want to spend.

    My height is about 180cm, weight about 70kgs with normal clothing.

    The riding I want to do is mainly after work going for a blast, or weekend twistys and that sort hopefully a few ride days with a bunch of netriders, I am not looking to go to/from work with it.

    The bikes I have ridden are cr125, cr250 (mainly), mates yz450, wr450, wr426 and i can ride confidently for 6+ hr enduros without too many problems.

    Whats everyones suggestions?

    thanks Nathan
  2. either a 600cc or 1000cc sports bike.

    Which one depends on what you think when you've ridden them.
  3. Yeah, what b12mick said. I'm a similar height/weight and have a 600 and it's plenty for me. Although I was swayed heavily when deciding as there are also some cracking nakeds out there eg Street/Speed Triples which will do all and above what you mentioned you want from a bike.
  4. Considering you've ridden a WR450 you'll be used to something strong (I love these Yammies!)

    You may be interesting in a KTM Duke 690 or superduke 990 - They are both tough

    Something more sport oriented would be a GSXR750, z750, the triumphs etc

    Something more naked could be the new GSR750 (lovely =D), again the z750 or a Fz8n

    Test any and all possible
  5. Take a look at the Suzuki GSXR750. An aggressive looking and fast bike that fits in between the many 600 and 1000cc sports bikes out there.
  6. Z1000. Can get a brand new one on that budget leaving about a grand for gear. I've had my 2011 for a few months now and I love every second on it. Very capable in the twisties but with a relatively upright seating position that doesn't leave you with a sore back and the end of the day. Fully adjustable forks and rebound and preload on the shock. ABS is standard, not that you really need it and with near enough to 140HP more than enough power to keep anyone interested. $14K OTR for the bike and the insurance is a fair whack cheaper than a similar Sports bike with fairing.

    I jumped from a Ninja 250r (First bike) to this without any real issues as far as being able to handle it, although a little respect for the power goes a long way. At 221kg's wet it's pretty damn light too for a thou.

    Only real negative aspects is it's lowish fuel range (180-200km's) and tyre consumption.

    As the others have said though, only way to really find your calling is to go ride everything you can afford. Something will jump out at you.

  7. i would look at a gsxr750 or some variation of a ktm 690/990. you can get a brand new 990 superduke for around $13.8K ride away. they are just the best hoon bike. and unlike most other naked bikes the suspension is actually good (not the junk that kawasaki/honda/yamaha put on their bikes) and the riding position is spot on for fun on the roads.

    you would love it as you've come from dirtbikes. i've ridden one and it was the hands down most fun bike on the street that isnt a proper motard. comfy (well compared to dirtbikes), plenty of grunt and just handles really nice.

    they use a bit of fuel though.
  8. Dont be a pussy - get a R1 :)